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Brickfire: Oven-Roasted Steaks & Chops

There's no way to get lost to be able to go to Brickfire. Upon reaching the Upper Ground Floor of The Annex in SM City North Edsa, one will detect a yummy steak smell that will surely tickle your nose and just bring you inside the restaurant!
The restaurant's decors are filled with grill inspired decors. Their signage, lamps and chairs give a feel that you're going to get steaks grilled to perfection at any moment! The walls are made of bricks that looks like you're inside the oven too but don't worry, it's cold inside the restaurant.
The counter
The interior and lamps
The chair
Close up of the lamp! I actually like how it looks like. So mysterious! :)
I think that the decors were made like this to give a feel that it's going to be worth the wait since it takes around 15 minutes for every order of steak to come out because it's made fresh as one orders it.
Chef showing the brick oven.
Look at how clean this kitchen is! A big check!
Steak coming out!
Whenever one hears the word steak, the first thing that pops into mind is this slab of juicy mouthwatering beef that is so delicious yet expensive! Over the years, people try to market the name steak as something affordable like KFC's Chicken Steak or Jollibee's Burger Steak however, somehow a part of the mind says it's just marketing and these are not real steak as what one envisioned it to be. With the affordability which Brickfire offers, you'll be surprise with the kind of steak it offers!
The Duke is actually my favorite so I'm highlighting it!
The other meats! :)
As I've mentioned above, my favorite dish here is The Duke. It's made from tenderloin, cooked medium just how I like it. Very soft, tender and melts in your mouth smokey taste with a hint of salt and pepper! I actually didn't put on the gravy anymore since it's so good on its own!
 For those who like the bone, loves lingering taste of steak in your mouth by slowly chewing it, the Cowgirl Annie is for you! It's soft but not as tender as The Duke but since it needs more time for chewing, the juiciness of the meat just explodes in each bite!
This is the 200g version of Cowgirl Annie.
Those with bigger appetite can order this 350g version of Cowgirl Annie.
Pardon me for jumping right into the meat part right away since I was so excited to share how good the steaks are! Brickfire also offers a number of delicious appetizers and pasta!
The starters and sides
Mango Crab Salad with dressing on the side.
Green Pasta - Pesto, Shrimp & Garlic
For cheese lovers, you have to order this! It takes a while for this order to come out but it's going to be so worth the wait! This is the Baked Fish. It's sole fish baked with cheese, tomatoes, onions and lemon grass. It's creamy, tangy and cheesy goodness that melts in your mouth!
Baked Fish
A closer look!
If you're wondering why or how did Brickfire make their steaks' prices so affordable? The Marketing Manager of Brickfire, Ms. Jowie Maulawin, explained that the meat is produced here in the Philippines specifically in Batangas and Bukidnon. She also explained that the owner's parents is the supplier to a lot of restaurants that serve steak in the Philippines. The owner took this advantage and decided to make Brickfire to bring affordable, classy steaks to those who love to eat quality good steak!
L-R Chef Rowell Capistrano (the head chef) and Marketing Manager Jowie Maulawin
To give a sweet ending to a wonderful meal, remember to take a look at Brickfire's desserts counter for their dessert offers which changes from time to time!
Chocolate cupcakes
Mango Cheesecake
Blueberry Cheesecake

Nutella Cheesecake
If you're craving for steak and heading north anytime soon, remember to drop by Brickfire! I swear, you'll love it there!

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