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Sol Y Viento: Relax under the Sun and Wind

I love traveling on special holidays when the budget and time permits. During one of the holidays, my parents asked me to find a new place to go which is near the Metro (Manila) for an overnight stay. Since at that time the weather wasn't stable, they suggested that I look for a hot spring resort so if it's sunny or raining, it would still be fine to swim because of the warm water.

Googling on a place to go can be easy but tedious at the same time. There were so many places presented by Google that looks really beautiful on their websites but one place attracted me most. The name of the place is Sol Y Viento in Calamba, Laguna.

Sol Y Viento is a Spanish word which means sun and wind. Upon reaching the resort, one can't deny that the view up in Mt. Makiling is really beautiful!

View overlooking Laguna de Bay (lake)
The other side of the resort offers a wide view of Mt. Makiling greenery.
Those with orange roofs are cabanas with an indoor hot spring.
The view from our dorm room.
Before I show you how our room looks like, let me give you a tour of the lobby where check-ins, check-outs and other requests are being made. The lobby of Sol Y Viento is actually big enough for people to lounge while waiting for their turn to check-in or out.

The lobby with lots of chairs. They also give orange juice as welcome drink when you arrive.
On the other side of the lobby, there's an LCD TV with Wii that anyone can play for free!
The Wii is ready for kids who wants to play!
The stairs going up to the team rooms.
The room which we've gotten is a team room. It's the cheapest room in the resort. It's PhP2,400 per night. A team room has two double decked bed which are good for 4 persons with a clean toilet that has hot & cold shower. Sol Y Viento also provides towels for 4 and has a big bottle of shampoo and body wash inside the toilet. The room is not big but the space is just enough for comfort.

The hallway to the team rooms. All the rooms share only 1 phone which is on that desk at the right.
Our room!
There's our window!
The desk and flat screen LCD TV. There are 4 drawers, 1 for each of us. Pardon the mess on top of the table.
The other side of the door with the cabinets on the right. One for each person in the room. It looks like a school locker!
Bunk bed 1. That's my brother's feet on top!
Bunk bed 2 with my stuff on the bottom! Notice the Mother of Perpetual Help? The resort is owned and managed by the University of Perpetual Help.
The toilet and bath. There's a bidet too! I like toilets with bidet because of its convenience!
The sink. See the big bottle of body wash? :) Oh..they have toilet paper too!
From our room walking towards where the pools are, one can really get to appreciate the sun and wind at the resort. Since the resort is located on high grounds, the wind there is cool and relaxing.

The fountain greets you before you reach the pool. Somehow it excites the senses that something more spectacular is there to see!
Pool # 1: This is the coolest pool of all. It's a bit warm for those who do not want to swim in hot water.
The other side of Pool # 1. The bridge reminds me of Sofitel's pool. :)
Another side of Pool # 1 where one can sit and hang around. It's actually a nice spot for pictorials.
Still on Pool # 1 with slight view of the other pools up there!
Pool # 2 is warmer with a hint of hot spring scent. I can't explain the scent but it's the scent of hot spring.
Pool # 3 is warmer than Pool # 2. It's overlooking Pool # 1.
Pool # 4 is the smallest and the warmest of them all! Thus, no one is daring to take a dip on a hot sunny day. Might be very comfortable to take a dip there at night or during a rainy day.
There are gazebos, chairs and tables around the pool where one can put their things, chill, eat or drink.
There are underwater jets which makes dipping in the water quite soothing.
There is only one restaurant in the resort. It offers ala carte Filipino food on regular days and buffet breakfast in the morning at PhP300. For peak season and weekends, it offers buffet lunch and dinner for PhP350 each meal.

Food and drinks are not allowed in the resort so one may opt to eat out in the nearby Max's Restaurant or go to SM Calamba if one doesn't like the food in Sol Y Viento's restaurant.

Since the dinner buffet's price is reasonable, my family has chosen to eat in their restaurant. Eating the dinner buffet is actually a good choice! The restaurant serves vegetables, fruits and meat which gives their customers a balance diet. Aside from that, the servers are very courteous and they refill the food all the time.
Filipino themed decor, chairs and tables.
Our table.
The soup, salad, fruits and desserts station.
Steamed rice
Seafood Caserole
Sauteed Tofu and Bean Sprouts
Bikolanong Baka, or Beef cooked in Bicol Style, is my favorite of all the dishes offered in the buffet. The beef is cooked in dried coconut with a mixture of soy sauce and coconut jam making the dish sweet, salty and full of aroma! Just thinking about it makes me salivate! The dish is just perfect with rice. Unfortunately, I think I have eaten a lot of rice that night because of this dish! There goes my diet, out of the window! T_T

Bikolanong Baka
Roasted Pork
Vegetarian Pasta

Sol Y Viento has function rooms for birthdays, weddings, meetings and conventions. These function rooms turn into movie theaters when one wants to watch a movie from their DVD collection. All one has to do is ask the concierge for their list of movie and schedule when you'll watch the movie. At your schedule, there will be a function room assigned to you with aircon on and you'll get to watch the movie using their projector! Talking about pampering! =D There's even a water dispenser for you to drink water so you don't need to go out of the room in the middle of the movie!

The parking in the resort is very spacious.

Sol Y Viento is located at Kilometer 55 Makiling Heights, Brgy. Pansol, Calamba, Laguna 4029. For inquiries, call 0917-5684294, (049) 545-0052 or (02) 861-5003. For more details, visit their website or Facebook page: Sol Y Viento.

Since I'm missing this place, I would like you to take a photo tour of the place so you'll know how beautiful the place it is! I'm ending this post with photos of the surroundings of Sol Y Viento which I've taken.

It was love at first sight when I got to this resort! Since I had so much fun there, I took a lot of nice photos! I'm just so happy that I've discovered such a lovely place! Enjoy the scenery!
The walkway. There's a construction at the back because they're expanding the restaurant.
The team rooms.
The cabanas. They're bigger, more expensive rooms with indoor pool.
Lamp post beside the pool.
Langka tree
The night view
The Cabanas at night


  1. Hi, do you know how to get there by commute? Thanks ;o)

    1. Hi David! I haven't gotten there by commute but here's something I saw online on how to get to Pansol from Metro Manila -

      From EDSA-Cubao to Calamba: bus schedule is 3:00 am to 9:30 pm

      Take the HM Bus Liner bound for Sta. Cruz (next to Victory Liner) This Bus terminal is a walking distance from MRT Cubao-Araneta Center Station and LRT 2 Cubao Station. It will take you 3 hours to get to Pansol

      From Taft LRT to Calamba: bus schedule is 3:00 am to 9:30 pm

      Take the Greenstar Express Bus Liner, (on Taft Avenue, near to Buendia LRT station) bound for Sta. Cruz/Calamba, there are also other buses there going to Lucena and Tagkawayan, Quezon so make sure you check the signboard.. It will take you 2 to 2 1/2 hours from here to Pansol.

      These buses will pass by Calamba crossing, (where the jeep terminal is located), Halang, Bucal, Pansol, UP college and down to Sta. Cruz terminal. So you can just advise the driver or the conductor on where you want them to drop you off..

      After you get to Pansol, you can easily find trycicles there to take you to where ever you wanna go around Pansol..( Resorts and Private Pools..)


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