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Marco Polo Ortigas's Lung Hin Welcomes Chinese Chef Leung "Ken" Chi Kwan

Lung Hin, which means "Dragon Pavillion," is Marco Polo Ortigas's Cantonese restaurant located on the 44th floor and has a very nice view of the city, Ortigas in particular. The sleek interiors of the restaurant combined with its expansive layout and divisions for privacy is ideal for gatherings.

Last March 2016, Lung Hin was awarded one of the most outstanding Chinese restaurants outside of China at the 16th China Hotel Industry Golden Horse Awards Gala in Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, China!
The Golden Horse Award (the "Oscar" of the hotel industry)
I'm very excited and privileged to share with you the dishes I sampled that were created by Executive Chef Ken.

For starters, I tried the new drink of the season which is their Mango Kiwi Shake. Even though it's a new drink, it has quickly grown into one of their best-selling signature drink. Just the look of the drink is already an eye candy.

I was so afraid of ruining the two toned drink when it was served but the server asked me to stir it first before taking a sip and it was just perfect! I like how it was sweet from the mango and refreshing because of the kiwi. A really good starter for the next dishes to come!

The first dish is Deep Fried Crispy Tofu with Seaweed Salad. The salad might look like it lacks dressing because of its dry. However, don't be held back because of this. You have to eat the different components of the salad: tofu, seaweed, taro, cabbage, carrots in one big bite! The crunch and the different flavors mixed together are already enough to give the salad its sweet and salty flavors. The freshness of the ingredients brings out the unique taste of the salad.
Deep Fried Crispy Tofu with Seaweed Salad
Who loves crunchy food? I do! So it got me more excited when I saw the next dish which is the Deep Fried Beancurd Leek Rolls with XO Chili Sauce. The XO Chili Sauce was served on a side so for those who don't want their rolls spicy, you may skip the sauce. 
Deep Fried Beancurd Leek Rolls with XO Chili Sauce
This dish goes into my long list of favorite dishes because of its light and very crunchy beancurd wrapper! I love how it's not oily despite being deep fried and it feels very light to eat with all the vegetables inside. Somehow it balances the sinful and healthy division of food! I don't feel guilty at all eating more of this.
Look at that skin and all those veggies inside! It's like a treat for those who needs to eat their veggies, right?
For those who are "allergic" to veggies and all things green, please stay! Do not be deceived by the green color of the Spinach Seafood Soup. Even if it's made from veggies, the seafood inside are like little jewels that will push you to eat your veggies in a fun exciting way! You'll soon forget that you're eating veggies and might like to ask for more of this yummy soup!
Spinach Seafood Soup. Look at that bits of shrimp, egg white and tofu! There are also bits of fish and squid in the soup.
Be amazed with this glossy, almost perfect pieces of prawns with a bit of translucent edges of Stir-fried Crystal Prawns! Despite being stir-fried, it's not crunchy nor gummy and the texture of the shrimp is just superb! I love how soft and yet sweet the meat of the shrimps are! They tastes as heavenly as they look and what's more, it's cooked with goji berries which are known to be a little super fruit that helps the kidney, liver and eyesight! 
Stir-fried Crystal Prawns. More of these beautiful prawns (plus goji berries) on my plate please!!!
I used to hate eating fish that are served as a whole and I remember an uncle of mine who always tell me to eat fish so I can swim as good as the fish! Well, I do eat them now but not because of that foolish reason but it's because of all the health benefits of eating fish. When the Poached Live Garoupa with Mushroom was served, its aroma filled in the room. It's like the freshness of the fish filled the air wanting us all to have a serving of it!
Poach Live Garoupa with Mushroom. The sauce of the fish is actually very delicious with plain rice! Put your hands up if you're with me and ask for more rice!
Beautiful, shiny and colorful is the Deep Fried Spareribs with Black Vinegar Sauce. Even though the meat has already been touched by the sauce, you'll be surprised that the spareribs still has a crunchy exterior. And the meat inside is oh so juicy that bursts in your mouth! It is another dish that will let you go ask for more and more bowls of rice!
Deep Fried Spareribs with Black Vinegar Sauce. It's sweet, crunchy with soft and juicy meat inside! One piece will never be enough!
To tame the palate of all those dishes with very bold flavors and kind of relax a bit, the Ham and Vegetables in Superior Broth came in perfect timing! The vegetables cleansed the palate a bit with the ham giving a salty kick to awaken the senses that the meal is not yet over. The ham is actually like a bonus with its soft meat and mixing into the freshness of the vegetables telling me that I'm a good girl for eating all those veggies on my plate. Haha! :)
Ham and Vegetables in Superior Broth. It has goji berries too so it's an added healthy bonus to this already healthy dish!
When you thought that the meal is over, came the superstar of all the dishes which is the Fookian Misua! A must for every Chinese feast, the misua is quite al dente with seafood, egg, mushroom and meat! It's the ultimate comfort food when you would like to eat more. I was actually too full from all the dishes before it came out but I still had a bite and I must say, it's also delicious - not too salty and has just the right amount of softness and meats with it!
Fookian Misua
The dessert was served like a pair of lovers who complements one another. One crunchy and one soft treat! I love how the Coconut Mango Jelly are layers of jellies that when eaten together gives a creamy melts in your mouth fruity goodness. The Buchi was also a winner in itself with its crunchy outer layer and warm creamy sweet filling.

Coconut Mango Jelly
I'd like to applaud Chef Ken for the beautiful and superb tasting dishes that will make any Chinese food enthusiast like me go crazy to eat more than I can because of all the good stuff especially those dishes that shouts more rice! :)
Chef Leung "Ken" Chi Kwan
To know more about Lung Hin, visit the social media pages of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila in Facebook: Marco Polo Ortigas Manila and on Instagram or Twitter, look for @MarcoPoloManila. You may also visit their website at www.marcopolohotelscom.

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