Makati Shangri-La Hotel's Shang Palace Launched New Dishes by its New Executive Chef Ben Lam

Makati Shangri-La introduces the New Executive Chef of its Chinese Restaurant, Shang Palace through letting us try the new dishes by Chef Ben Lam!

Before the main dishes by Chef Lam, we were first served with dimsum which are their best-sellers as appetizers. I feel like in dimsum heaven because I love good dimsum! They're my go-to food when I don't want to think of what to eat. I just keep pointing at almost everything! Yes, I eat a lot! :P

Poached Wanton with Vinegar and Chili Sauce
Steamed Beef Tripe with Curry
Steamed Beef Balls
The first dish by Chef Ben Lam has received a lot of "oohh" and "aaahh" as it was brought in the room. It was a big dome shaped pastry that looks very simple called Shang Palace Fortune Chicken. The server asked for a volunteer who will be hitting the dome with a golden mallet while making a wish to crack open the pastry.

Shang Palace Fortune Chicken
After pounding the pastry with a golden mallet, the server opened the pastry and revealed lotus leaves inside. She slowly opened the lotus leaves which revealed a mixture of chicken and Chinese spices. It was obvious that it takes a lot of effort and time to prepare this dish. She then told us that it takes 2 -3 days advance order for this dish!

Now, I present to you the opened Shang Palace Fortune Chicken!
Shang Palace Fortune Chicken
At first whiff, the dish might make you feel hesitant to try it because it smells a bit herbal with all the Chinese spices and goji berries. However, I kept myself together and was brave enough to scoop a small piece to try. At first bite, the chicken was so soft that its delicate meat melted in every bite. The flavors were bursting here and there. I actually do not understand what flavors I was eating but it was just bold and incredibly delicious! Thus, my tip is to be brave enough to eat anything. You'll never know it might be something you'll actually like!

The next dishes that were presented are familiar for me and I'm excited to know how Chef Ben will be able to make something familiar extraordinary.

The Spareribs with Pumpkin, Taro & Coconut Milk in claypot was still boiling hot when it was served.

Spareribs with Pumpkin, Taro and Coconut Milk
I love how the combination of pumpkin and taro has sweeten the coconut milk which seeped into the spareribs! There's a sweet milky taste of the meat that makes one wants to drink the sauce of the dish. It's very tempting to ask some rice and pour all the sauce in. However, there are more dishes to come so I had to control myself not to order rice and just enjoy the soft meat with the vegetables.

Sauteed Dice Beef Tenderloin with Chinese Wine, Vinegar and Black Soya Sauce
This beef dish might make one say "no" to it because of its number of celery. You actually have to take the celery with the beef to heighten the meat's flavor! The meat is very tender and it was very flavorful which shows how carefully marinated the meat is. However, eating it with celery actually brings out a uniquely sweet flavor aside from it salty base.

Stewed Sichuan Chili Duck
The Stewed Sichuan Chili Duck is a must have for spicy food lovers! There's a tingling feeling on the tongue that gives a sensation and heightens the senses of the tongue which makes one feel the tastiness of the duck. The flavors are packed and superb that suggests one to again, order rice!

Garlic and Chili Crabs
The crabs are my favorite dish of all the dishes Chef Lam presented! Well, call me bias for my love of seafood. Yes, they're my weakness. But how can you blame me if you see these big fat crabs covered with fried garlic and chili releasing its aroma into the four corners of the room? I love how the flavor of the garlic and chili infused in the soft crab meat! It's just so yummy and if I can only eat the whole plate of crabs and lick the shells, I will! However, I have to hold back. Poised first! The other invited guests might think I've went nuts because of crab. Haha! :D

Before going to the sweet dessert part, I've ordered a Mint Citrus Quencher to wash away all the very flavorful I ate.
Mint Citrus Quencher
The mint inside the quencher serves like a mouthwash rinsing all the flavors to the stomach and gives back one's fresh breathe. The lemon serves like an appetizer making the tummy ready for the good stuff coming!

Red Bean Paste Dumpling covered with Green Tea Powder
It's so cute on how the Red Bean Paste Dumplings were presented like they're little Earth balls with a tree of life growing on top! There's a bed of sliced almonds that is underneath them to avoid the dumplings sticking on the plate. It's actually a good combination because the chewiness of the dumplings and crunch of the almonds makes eating it enjoyable. The aroma of the almonds mixed in the red bean gives it a sweet and salty taste that's so heavenly.

Mango Rice Roll with Desicated Coconut
This chewy rice rolls with sweet mangoes dish is a good ending to the meal! It's like a Chinese version of the Thai's mangoes with sticky rice and coconut milk. It's so good!

For inquiries or reservations, call 814-2580. You may also check out their social media pages for updates:
Facebook -
Instagram - @makatishangrila

10 Ways that Make Edsa Shangri-La's Heat Super Brunch SUPER!

Sundays are now made more exciting with a bigger, better brunch experience created by Edsa Shangri-La Hotel! The Heat Super Brunch is created to put every guest favorite inside Heat!

Now come and count the ways on what makes Heat Super Brunch, SUPER?
The entrance with arrows is a guide for you to know where to seat (near where your favorites are!).
1. Look at all the drool-worthy WAGYU!
Wagyu Shawarma
There are different sauces you can put in your shawarma!
Wagyu Mini Burgers
Wagyu Prime Ribeye
Wagyu Sous Vide
Wagyu Beef Sandwich with Gruyere Cheese
Wagyu Aburi Sushi
Wagyu Fried Rice
Tip: Add a little Chinese Ginger Sauce on top for a super yummy kick!

2. Different toppings on top of OYSTERS!
Oysters in Marinara Sauce (L) and Adobo Oysters (R)
Chorizo Oysters
3. A personal favorite, I present all the LOBSTERS to partake!
An array of sushi with lobster
Cold lobsters for appetizers
Look at those orange colored jems AKA lobster fat! You may ask the chefs in the station to grill them if you'd like them hot or they can bake it with garlic and cheese or lemon butter.
Eclairs with lobster mousse
4. The FOIE GRAS station. And there's even other more foie gras dishes that tickles the curiosity to eat more!
Foie Gras Mousse
Foie Gras on Toast

Foie Gras Mousse with crushed Pistachios

Foie Gras Macaron
5. A whole leg of PARMA HAM

6. The selection of COLD CUTS that's good to eat with bread or fruits or even alone by itself!
Salmon Tartare
These are good for bread with lots of cheese, lettuce and tomatoes!
More cold cuts options to feast on
7. Other ASIAN FAVORITES that's a must in every buffet.
Boiled or Soup Station with Lots of Noodles to Choose From
Dimsum - This is the Spinach Dumpling
Sze Chuan Fried Chicken
Coffee Spareribs - This is one of Edsa Shangri-la's best sellers in their Chinese restaurant, Summer Palace
Hainanese Chicken
These Magic Cube Roll are simply delicious!
Layers of tuna and salmon on top of each other in a roll.
Baba Ganoush
Eggplant is one my favorite vegetables so I tried this Middle Eastern eggplant dish which is good. 
This spicy Lebanese dip is also made with eggplant.
It's good with pita bread and I've put some wagyu shawarma on top! Heavenly good!
8. The DESSERTS which puts a sweet ending to an exquisitely superb meal!
Raspberry Molten Brownie Double Shot Vodka Cheesecake by Chef Martin Frowd
New York Cheesecake
Deep Fried Churros with Sugar and Cinnamon sprinkled on top!
Chocolate Tartlets
Banana Chocolate Cake
Super Moist Brownies topped with Strawberry
Chocolate Fondue
But this part of the dessert which I had the best time with is their Nitrogen Ice Cream station!
Chef Martin Frowd doing the nitrogen ice cream himself.
There's lots of flavors to choose from and they make the ice cream right there in front of you!
Chocolate chip cookie cups are available if you'd like to have your ice cream on top of these!
My playful dessert creation: Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich!
I asked for Cookies and Cream ice cream to be put on top of the chocolate chip cookie cup
and put a cookie on top of the ice cream!
9. The ADD ONS for those who love juices or spirits!
The Juice Bar with different flavors of Iced Tea!
The Mimosa Bar with champaigne and the different fruit juices you can mix your cocktails with.
10. The best part of the Heat Super Brunch for every parent: Kids 6 and below eat FREE! Pool access for the family is included too! Exciting right? Kids also have their own kids buffet station where there's a playroom with toys that they can play with other kids. I think it's just a perfect venue for parents to bring their kids to and enjoy their Sunday!

The Heat Super Brunch is priced at P2,815 nett per person and 50% off for children 7-11 years old. The buffet starts at 12nn to 2:30pm. For inquiries and reservations, just call (02)633-8888 extn. 2740-41.

Here's another little extra inside the already SUPER Heat Super Brunch: A balloonist! He goes around the area and create balloon arts for kids and kids at heart to enjoy! You may request wild creations like a mermaid or Elmo which he can do!

Sundays are now made much more exciting and fun, right? Thank you, Edsa Shangri-la!