Denny's Opens in the Philippines

Denny's will open on Oct 7, 2016 at 6am in Uptown Parade in Bonifacio Global City!

It will always be open 24/7 to serve breakfast favorites and American comfort food everyday! Isn't that fantastic? I will not be surprised that hungry people of Metro Manila will go there in the middle of the night for some seriously good food.

On its opening day, from 6am - 12nn, all guests will be receiving 40% off from their bill. So better hurry!
Wow! I like Denny's!
I can still remember my 22nd birthday (X years ago) where I was in a US territory because I wanted to spend my birthday at Denny's eating my favorite Country Fried Steak and fluffy pancakes as dessert!

Around two years ago, I've already heard rumors from media friends that Denny's will be opening in the Philippines. I was so excited that it seemed like an impossible dream and I'm glad that the time has come. Being invited to the sneak peek of Denny's is one of my happiest day ever for this year! I felt that it was destiny that it's in the Philippines and I'm destined to go sample what it brings to the Philippines.

Actually, just Denny's alone makes me smile! ;)
Special thanks to The Bistro Group for bringing in Denny's to the Philippines! *clap! clap! clap!*
The Bistro Group started 21 years ago when it brought in TGIFridays in the Philippines. Today, it has 14 brands under its company. Here are the other brands: Italianni's, Fish & Co, Village Tavern, Krazy Garlik, Texas Roadhouse, Moe's, Watami, Tonkatsu by Terazawa, Modern Shanghai, Bulgogi Brothers, Murray D' Vine and Buffalo Wild Wings. I'd like to give special thanks to Ms. Dona Fernandez and Ms. Treena Tecson for inviting me to the sneak peek!

Joyfully Yours with Ms. Dona Fernandez of The Bistro Group
Now, let's get the party started as I share my experience to the rest of Metro Manila to know what to eat when Denny's opens its doors to the public.

Chicken Cranberry Apple Salad
Light, healthy and yummy. This salad is composed of dried cranberries, sliced fresh apples, chopped candied walnut, boiled chicken and mixed greens. Stir in some of the vinaigrette dressing that comes with it and it's perfect the way it is. It needs no prettifying, just straight forward fresh ingredients mixed together to be devoured and enjoyed.

Hush Puppies
It's a deep fried ball of happiness that is savory with doughnut like texture. The crispy skin is dusted with sugar that gives a sweet introduction to the taste buds and explodes into this soft pillow-like pastry that has a salty hint. Warning: one ball is not enough! For a more sensational experience, dip it into the maple syrup that comes with it before biting into the ball of happiness.

Moons Over Hammy
Classic ham with smooth & soft scrambled egg sandwich with Swiss and American cheeses on grilled buttered sourdough. Eat this while it's hot for the cheeses to melt in every bite! This comforting sandwich is served with fries.

Apple Ginger Drink
It's fresh apple juice with grated ginger and lemon slices. I like how the grated ginger and lemon gives a zing to the drink. It somehow clears the palate and makes you want to eat more! Based on scientific studies, ginger helps speed up digestion so it's a wonderful choice of drink if you'd like to have a full food trip experience on your first visit at Denny's.

Look at that golden brown bread that is actually shiny, sweet and sticky.
A closer look into the Grand Slamwich
Grand Slamwich
It's the crowd favorite during the sneak peek! Two scrambled eggs, crumbled sausage, bacon, shaved ham and American cheese on potato bread grilled with a maple spice spread. This amazingly delicious treat comes with fries.  Now, there's more to love!

Look at that generous serving!
It'll probably be fun to lick all that rich hot fudge with peanut butter sauce. :P
Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate
Chocolate chips and white chocolate chips embedded in buttermilk pancake, topped with hot fudge and drizzled with peanut butter sauce. On the side are 2 strips of bacon, fries and 2 eggs. This definitely is a morning booster in itself!

Here are more shots in the happiest American diner on earth! I just love being there! I feel like I'm Alice in Wonderland. <3 p="">
Spotted: Eugene Constantino of The Hefty Foodie
The signature sign has landed in Manila! See the view of Manila Bay (Roxas Blvd)?
Love the Denny's classic yellow couches too!
To know more about Denny's Philippines, check out or like their Facebook page: and Instagram: @dennysph. You may also call them for dining reservations at 7723371!

7 Picks at 7 Flavors

In the heart of San Juan, 7 Flavors is an all day buffet dining restaurant that will surely catch anyone's attention because of its posh exterior. In the bustling city lies this property that looks like an extension of the secret garden. There are greens planted on the walls that somehow brings a relaxing feeling to tired eyes. The all day buffet dining is located at the 2nd floor while the ground floor is a cafe for those who would like to have a meeting. The cafe is also a quiet nook equipped with wifi for those who'd like to do their homework or work.

Photo from 7 Flavors's Facebook Page
The exterior somehow emulates what one is going to experience inside! Relaxation thru good food that makes one wants to stay and just munch. The big question is, with an array of choices and limited tummy space, WHAT TO EAT? Join me as I show you my top picks!

1. The Taco Station
There's a make your own taco station where you can put all the meats and veggies you like inside your taco shell. Topped it off with sour cream sauce and cheese based on your liking. I love how crunchy the shell is and it doesn't get soggy right away with all the meats I've put in it! To get my regular veggie fix, I've put in some chopped lettuce and tomato salsa. With my love for cheese, my taco is topped with lots of, lots of cheese and a dollop of sour cream!

My DIY Taco

2. The Fried Delights
Different fried goodness that's all together say hello with a smile. Anything crispy tickles my fancy taste buds!

I like how the calamares stays crunchy despite being on a plate in a buffet for the taking. You can see that oil was drained properly before these crunchy bites were placed on the plate so that the crunchiness retains. Inside is a soft easy to bite squid that's fresh and flavorful. With a dash of vinegar on the side to dip these goodies, I'm ready for more!

Potato Croquettes
Another crispy outside soft inside delightful bites that is good to eat while chatting with friends. Simple, no fuss and straight to the point! These croquettes are the bomb!

Deep Fried California Maki
One of my no-brainer go to Japanese food favorite is California Maki! So having it fried is something weird and new for me but I'm out here to try 7 Flavors so there it goes into my mouth and woah, it's California Maki goodness with a crunch! Somehow it reminds me of crunchy salad maki when dipped in aioli sauce that comes on a side.

3. Stir Fried Pork
This simple dish is a mixture of marinated pork stir fried with bell pepper and onions. I like how the pork is soft and tender. I actually mixed this with the Pansit Canton which I feel lacks meat (yes, I'm a meat lover) and it's just oh so good.

4. Korean Ginger Chicken
Sweet, juicy with a hint of ginger, this chicken dish calls for rice. Bring in the rice please and I'll eat a plate or more of this chicken!

5. The Seafood Dishes

Fried Fish with Caprice Sauce
These fried fish fillets are coated with lemon and honey caprice sauce that enhances the fresh flavor of the fish. Eating more of this made me feel a little less guilt because fish and lemon is healthy, right? Haha! :D

Spicy Salmon Head in Coconut Milk
Salmon is another weakness of mine when it comes to seafood. I love salmon raw, smoked, cooked or as gravlax. The salmon head is fried then mixed in with coconut milk, curry and chili.

Spicy Gambas
The shrimps were al dente, a bit on the sweet side with a little spiciness.

6. Tofu Sisig
I'm not a fan of sisig but this tofu sisig is something else. It's tofu covered in this creamy sweet and salty sauce that's mixed with green and red chili that gives a spicy kick.

7. The Sweet Endings AKA Dessert Choices
I consider this the best part of most buffet. If the desserts are done right, it's like a happy ending to a romantic movie! I suggest you to leave some tummy space for these.

Mango Tapioca
Widely known as Mango Sago and can been seen in any Chinese restaurant which people usually look forward to! The rendition of 7 Flavors to this popular dessert is a blend of big mango slices, small tapioca, sweet coconut milk and nata de coco (coconut jelly). The Mango Tapioca is not too sweet so the nata de coco comes as an added sweetener.

For a blissful twist to the Mango Tapioca, I've put mine in a sundae glass filled with crushed ice then with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream on top!

Small round baked bread with whipped butter spread and topped with cheese. This crowd favorite is actually also being sold in 7 Flavors's cafe.

Carrot Cupcakes
Moist and delicious carrot cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting! It is quite small so having one is not enough!

A lot of photos of Chef Boy Logro are in and out of the restaurant but I did not see him around. I was told that he's a part owner and goes there from time to time. Also, he plays an active part in all of the dishes which are his recipes and curated by him.

My first plate
Assorted sushi
Roast Beef
Beef Stew
7 Flavors is located at 196 A. Mabini St. Addition Hills, San Juan. For inquiries or reservations, call 5430325. The buffet rates are P399.99 for Monday - Thursday lunch, P499.99 for Monday - Thursday dinner and P599.99 for Friday - Sunday lunch & dinner.

"All Things Swiss" Food Festival at Marco Polo Ortigas

Experience the flavors of Switzerland in Marco Polo Ortigas until September 4, 2016, as they bring in Cucina all the delectable food choices that are meant to conquer one's palate. Upon hearing Swiss food festival, I can't stop myself from imagining the cheese, the meats and the chocolates that will be there!

The entrance of Cucina greets diners with a huge banner that transports one from Manila to Switzerland.

The raclette station is a must visit! Look at this gorgeous video.
And my here goes my plate of raclette with pearl onions, marble potatoes and pickle.
It's the very first thing I got when I went in! Honestly, I did not even go to my seat yet and I have already gone to the line to get my fill of raclette. Yes, it's that's attractive!

After my fill of the raclette, I went over to the appetizers and checked out what's in store.

This quiche might look very plain but it's amazingly good! The crust is buttery and crunchy while the egg is fluffy but firm. My 1 year old baby loved it! I think she ate 2 big slices of this!
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
Must not skip this sandwich. It's so good, creamy and buttery! The meat just melts in your mouth!
Parma Ham Sandwich
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
Chorizo Sandwich
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
Tuna Sandwich
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
The ribeye steak is just fantastic! It's so tender and flavorful. A slice is just not enough! I think I had a lot of this!
Angus Ribeye Steak
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
The Spaetzle is a soft egg noodle which is good with the raclette on top.
Tomato Omelette
Baked Oysters
Jelly Terrine

Veal Sausage Salad

Chicken, Cold Cuts and Cheese Salad

Cabbage Salad with Bacon

Smoked Trout

Wild Rice Salad
The desserts are not to be missed too! The chocolates were superb!
Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
The Swiss Carrot Cake is something special. One must try this too! It's not the regular carrot cake that you see around. It seems like the cake was soaked in lots of sweet milk but it's not dripping wet. It's just perfectly moist and good in every bite. :)
The schaenkali is also a must try! It's a lemon flavored pastry that's soft and sweet. It melts in your mouth when you bite it. A very refreshing treat!
If you're already salivating, go make a reservation today! The "All Things Swiss" Food Festival is until Sept 4 only! To make your reservations, call (02)7207720 or email The rates are: Mondays - Thursday lunch is P1,500 nett while dinner is P1,800 nett. Friday to Sunday lunch is P2,300 nett while dinner is P2,650 nett.