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Let's Talk Over Wings

Wingman - as the name says it, its interiors and theme are that of a fighter plane.
A few years ago, Erik Waldie, a Canadian who came over to the Philippines was looking for a place that makes good buffalo wings, he cannot find any. Having this problem, a solution was born and this is creating his own restaurant that sells authentic tasting buffalo wings!
Erik Waldie, owner of Wingman
See the jersey behind him? The place shows basketball games during the UAAP season.
No wonder the past 5 years of Wingman have been quite a breeze! It's problems like Erik's that gave birth to innovation and now every Juan gets to enjoy saucy, crispy and juicy buffalo wings the way it should be! From Wingman's very first store in The Collective, Makati, they have grown into 4 stores (others are in Newport, Acacia Estates & UP Town Center).
Since it's quite cooler this Christmas, I suggest sitting al fresco at Wingman to enjoy this beautiful view!
To give a taste of Wingman's culture (yes, the restaurant has its own culture itself!), I was invited in their Bloggers Quiz Night event at UP Town Center (their newest branch).
A poster with our teams & photos was on their entrance!
With my fellow bloggers together with Erik and Benj (Wingman Marketing)
According to Erik, they have the Quiz Night regularly on Thursday evenings at their Acacia Estates branch where the team that wins get free shots & the team that loses also get free shots! Pretty cool, eh?

My team is called Team Jetsetters because of our love to travel! The night was fun and quite educational answering questions like "Which social media platform was bought by Justin Timberlake?" Do you know the answer? I'll let you know by the end of this article!
Team Jetsetters
While we were draining our brains with answering questions at the Blogger Quiz Night, our palates were full from trying out some of the buffalo wings flavors which Wingman offers together with their other best sellers in their new group package called "Squadron Meal" which can be shared by 5-6 people. The "Squadron Meal" consists of 30 pieces of buffalo wings with 5 flavors to choose from, 5 sidings (choice of onion rings, classic cut, curly twists, shoe string fries, potato wedges) and 1 pitcher of your choice of drinks (iced tea, lemonade, soda or draft beer).
For our buffalo wings, my team chose the following flavors:

Garlic Parmesan
This is our team's favorite that we have to get 10 pieces of wings in this flavor! It's not very greasy, light to the taste, cheesy with a hint of garlic! It's just the perfect mixture of salty and heaven in a bite!
Garlic Parmesan
It's a must to have this flavor since this is "The Original Buffalo Wings" whose recipe was brought into the Philippines by Erik from his hometown Canada just for Filipinos to get a taste of what real buffalo wings taste like! There's a choice if you'd like this mild, spicy or very spicy! Being such a girl, our team of all girls chose mild. The wings are so mild, it just leaves a light tingling feeling after every bite with a hint of sourness, the right amount of sauce and crunch!
Classic (Left)
Garlic Parmesan (Right)
Wing Dela Cruz
A familiar taste to every Filipino home! It's actually chicken wings in adobo sauce but it's crispy with every bite! A very unique way of enjoying a familiar taste that's salty, garlicky and sweet.

Moroccan Chermoula
This is actually my personal favorite that I think is for the brave palate! It's not the usual Filipino friendly taste of salty or sweet but I love how aromatic the wings are when it came out! The smell reminds me of Middle Eastern food like shawarma or kebabs which are one of my favorite comfort food. As I bite into the chicken, it has a lot of sauce but still has the crunch and juiciness but what is mind-blowing is its richness in flavor. It's salty and you can taste the herbs and spices that went into the chicken. It's just so mouthwatering on how the different herbs and spices run around my tongue making every bite just oh so delicious! If you love Middle Eastern food, you'll definitely love this! I was also told by Benj (Marketing of Wingman) that the recipe of Moroccan Chermoula was actually learned by Erik in Morocco because he loved the flavor! How authentic can you get?
Wing Dela Cruz (left)
Moroccan Chermoula (right)
Our team got all the 5 sidings to be able to try all of them:
Onion rings, Classic cut, Curly twists, Shoe string fries and Potato wedges
I've got 3 things to say about these 5 sidings! They're crunchy, soft and flavorful. I didn't want to even dip it in sauce but I did a few times just to try the sauce which is on the sweeter note. However, I already love it as it is.

For dessert, we had the ultimate best-seller in Wingman, the Deep Fried Snickers. It's crunchy outside, warm and soft melted chocolate inside with very soft caramel and still crunchy peanuts! Very tasty when eaten together with ice cream and a bit of whipped cream.
Deep Fried Snickers
Overall, I love my food experience in Wingman and I can see myself eating there again especially their Moroccan Chermoula!
Now, the answer to "Which social media platform was bought by Justin Timberlake?" It's Myspace! Did you get it right?

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