Saturday, June 15, 2013

# Bossini # Coco Cabana

OOTD: Sun Wind Romance

I love the sun and wind mixed together! The breeze feels cheerful and at the same time any color of clothing will make one feel comfortable.
Twirling with the sun and wind!
For my Sol Y Viento trip, since I was wearing a light bottom I've chosen to wear a dark top.
OOTD: Top by Bossini | Skirt by Coco Cabana of SM Ladies Fashion
Love the eyelet patterns on the skirt!
In my previous OOTD, I've mentioned that I am bottom heavy. To cover this up, I've worn a dark top to make my upper body look slim and gives an illusion of a small waist.

The floral metallic prints on the shirt just blends in with the sun and wind surrounding me!
There's a romantic feeling brought out from the mix of floral prints on my top and eyelet patterns on my skirt.
Because of the color combination, an hour glass figure is formed making my body look smaller than it really is.
OOTD: Sandals by Ipanema
The ribbon detail is just adorable!
With this kind of outfit, I don't have to worry breathing in during the photo shoot! All I have to do is relax, strike a pose and love how the sun & wind touches my skin!
OOTD: Eye Wear by Shanghai Tang | Watch by Elle | Earrings from Ongpin
Don't you just love the view behind me?


  1. So cuuuuuute Dorothyyyy :) I like the first picture!!! Amazing twirling photo there. hihihihi :D

  2. Hi Rhea! Thanks!!! I like it too. The shot was amazing.:)


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