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It's an Adventure in Thai Bistro

I've always love Thai food because of its sweet, salty and spicy taste which is quite familiar as Filipino cuisine. The difference of Thai food from Filipino cuisine is their curries which can be pungent to some people but they're very appetizing for me. My rice intake increases to double, sometimes triple, because of a very good curry sauce! With good curry, I tend to forget the extra curves (flabs) that I'll be getting afterwards! (Oh no! Haha! =D) By the way, take note that Thai curry tastes a bit lighter than Indian curry with some hint of sweetness and coconut milk.

Now let me start with my adventure in Thai Bistro...
A glimpse of everything we had!

As the name entails, the interiors of Thai Bistro is quite cozy. It welcomes people to dine in, stay and chat. The cobalt green couch is so soft and inviting. I would recommend people to sit on where the gold Buddha image is and have a photo there! It's the perfect spot to have a selfie or a group photo.
The group! (L-R) Aldous Calubad, Rhea Bue, Joyfully Yours, Chef Cecille, Missy Penaverde and Jam Anyong.
The big Buddha was imported from Thailand by Chef Cecille.
This piece of art is from Thailand as well.
Notice the doors on the far end of the restaurant? It's a small function room with a long table that can hold 19 guests!
The passionate Chef Cecille narrates to us her adventures.
Don't you agree this is the best spot in the restaurant?
The al fresco dining area and bar

I had Lemongrass Juice which comes unsweetened with a shot of syrup on the side. I like how the syrup comes separate from the juice for health conscious customers. Since Lemongrass Juice is a healthy drink with benefits like relieving cough, colds, curing diarrhea, combats infection and it aids in digestion too! I think it's just right that no sugar or syrup was added and it's up to the customers to put it according to their taste.
Lemongrass Juice
My friend Rhea ordered Refreshing Cucumber Mint which helps in refreshing the body, as the name says. It's suitable to drink during hot and humid weather to keep the body cool and relaxed.
Refreshing Cucumber Mint is made up of grated cucumber, mint and orange juice.

We started the sumptuous meal with Mieng Kham, a traditional Thai appetizer. It's made with peanuts, dried tiny shrimps, garlic, onions, fresh shrimp and chili with a dash of caramelized Thai fish sauce on top of a betel leaf. One has to roll it and dunk it as a whole inside the mouth. Chewing everything at the same time will give a sweet, salty and spicy taste which is a short introduction of Thai cuisine's characteristics.
Mieng is the Northen Part of Thailand where this dish originated from and Kham means eating as a whole.
I love how the leaf is heart shaped! =)
One of my favorite Thai appetizers is the Pink Pomelo Salad. I love it that the pomelo in this salad is sweet with a light hint of sourness which can make the tummy feels it needs more food thus, one tends to eat more Pink Pomelo Salad! No need to panic since pomelo is fruit which is healthy so eating more of this is actually good. ;)
Pink Pomelo Salad
I first thought that roti is only in Indian cuisine. However, researching more, Thailand actually has roti. This was influenced by the Indian merchants who traded with Thais long time ago. Choo Chee Roll is one of the best sellers in Thai Bistro.
Choo Chee Roll is roti with curry dip.
Spicy Tomato Dip is an alternative dip for those who can handle the spice!

The Siam Chicken Wrap is something to look forward to if you're looking for a light dinner. The minced chicken is not spicy if you take out the few chilis in the dish. I like how the fresh vegetable wrap adds a crunchy texture when eating the wrap.
Siam Chicken Wrap
Lamb Shank Massaman is another Best Seller of Thai Bistro. The curry sauce has a hint of sweetness which makes the curry authentically Thai! The lamb is very soft and can detach from its bone easily. The usual strong taste of lamb is covered by the curry sauce thus, making the lamb taste light and wonderful!

Since I love Thai curry very much, as expected, this is my favorite main course during the dinner! (Please do not ask how much I ate. :P)
Lamb Shank Massaman with sweet potato chips on the side
What's Thai food without its famous Pad Thai? Pad Thai is made up of flat noodles that tastes sweet, salty and sometimes with a little spice! This Pad Thai is not spicy which is good for kids and kids at heart who can't handle chili.
Pad Thai
There's actually condiments together with Pad Thai if one wants to add some chili, fish sauce, vinegar or salt.

Khao Khluk Kapi or known as Bagoong Rice in Filipino is rice sauteed in shrimp paste. The rice itself is salty but it's partnered with lots of other things like green mango, caramel pork, egg, chili and vegetables. One must mix all these together. If you're not fond of spicy food, just take the chili out!
Khao Khluk Kapi
This is the most interesting dish of the night: Sala Daeng! It's lemongrass florets stuffed with chicken. The dish looks too pretty to eat! 
Sala Daeng (Isn't it pretty?)
However, one must be taught first on how to eat it since the lemongrass is quite hard so one can't just grab one and bite. Chef Cecille showed us the way: 
1.) One must cut it horizontally with a table knife. 
2.) Scoop the soft meat inside using a spoon.
 3.) Scrape the crumbs using the spoon. It's crunchy and yummy!

The last main course is another beautiful dish called Thai Ravioli. The wrapper is made from rice with mushroom and beef inside. It reminds me of a Chinese dish called "Cheung Fan" but it has no soy sauce.
Thai Ravioli
Opening the ravioli to see the mushroom and beef inside.
Thai Ravioli is paired with this sweet, salty & spicy sauce. The sauce plate is beautiful, isn't it?

To know more about the other dishes which Thai Bistro offers, take a look with their menu. I'd like to note that majority of the ingredients (sauces, rice, duck, spices, etc.) used by this restaurant is imported by Chef Cecille from Thailand.


A must have dessert from Thailand is their ever-so-famous Sticky Rice with Mango. The rice is from Thailand cooked with coconut milk. One have to eat the mango and sticky rice together.
Sticky Rice with Mango
Before I forget, that wooden plate are from Thailand as well! According to Chef Cecille, a lot of the customers wanted to buy the plate from her but she refused to sell it to them for obvious reasons! Haha! =D

Bistro Nest is my favorite dessert of the night! It's another beautifully crafted food art but it smells really good from afar that makes one want to eat it right away! The nest is made up of crispy strips of sweet potato.
Bistro Nest
 The coconut ice cream on top is custom made by the chef! It's very smooth and creamy!

The last dessert is called Takhoo Thai. It is pandan flavored pearls (sago) covered with coconut cream. There's also a bit of crunchiness in each bite because of the water chestnuts bits mixed inside the coconut cream.
Takhoo Thai
A closer look!
Since the menu in Thai Bistro offers Thai cuisine from all over Thailand (north to south), it was like I've travelled and eat in all of these places. I really appreciate how Chef Cecille discussed and introduced us to each dish like a tour guide presenting to us the different good food to eat in Thailand without literally going there!
The Thai adventure story book A.K.A. The Thai Bistro Menu!
Thai Bistro is located at the G/F Robinsons Magnolia Town Center, Aurora Boulevard corner Hemady Street, New Manila, Q.C.
The adventurers with the tour guide at the entrance of Thai Bistro.
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