Sunday, May 5, 2013

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OOTD: Sparkling March

I have always been in love with anything that's sparkly like crystals, sequins, metallic pens, you name it all! Back when I was working for SM Ladies Fashion, I frequently saw people in the office (both in my business unit and other business unit) wearing sparkly outfits. At first, it was kind of weird to see them wearing those since they're just in the office. However, part of me wished that I have their guts of wearing one.

Silently, a bought a piece that's gold and sparkling in one of my trips to the store since I had an employee's discount. The piece went in my closet and stayed there quite a bit. One day, I was invited to watch a fashion show so I grabbed some courage and finally let the piece out of my closet.

Had gold and sparkling eye shadows to match my outfit
Gold and sparkling top finally out of the closet!
Wearing the piece, I swallowed more courage and had a sparkling march to the fashion show.

OOTD: Top by Studio of SM Ladies Fashion
OOTD: Dangling leaf earrings from Juan Luna St.
OOTD: Bangles by Accessorize | Bag from Hong Kong
During the show, I noticed a lot of the guests are either in black or sparkles. It made me feel that I belong. The once shy girl had enough courage to wear an outfit like this.

OOTD: Skirt by Ensembles

What made me love this outfit more is how it made me look like a school girl despite being sparkly. I'm indeed a school girl learning on how to wear a sparkly piece and has some amount of courage doing my very first sparkling march.

OOTD: Classic Black Pumps by Payless Shoe Source

Since it's my first time wearing something sparkly like this, do you think I carried this sparkling piece right?

So tell me how do I look?
BTW, this is my very 1st purely OOTD post! =D
Special thanks to Michelle Bugante and Rhea Bue for these photos! :)

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