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Bridal Idea: Discovering Silid Ni Maria Bridal Shower with Style

A few months ago, my girlfriends and I were looking for a place where we can do the bridal shower of our dear friend Grace who is getting married this May. Since Grace wanted a wholesome bridal shower, we have decided to do it in a spa but the big question is which spa?

It was coincidental that my blogger friend Michelle of has just blogged about this place called Silid Ni Maria (Maria's room) which has gained my curiosity. I went to Silid Ni Maria Facebook page and found out that it has spa party packages which are affordable. Plus, it's inclusive of a free pitcher of cocktail which is just wonderful for a bridal shower!

When my friend Stella, who is Grace's Maid of Honor, called to ask about bringing food and drinks for the bridal shower, they do allow bringing in of food and drinks. They also allowed us to put decors on the venue. Since we are having a wholesome bridal shower which means no strippers allowed. We just made a "Wall of Macho" for our bride-to-be to enjoy!

The Wall of Macho with Czarina and Caca
Aside from that, the photos they posted in Facebook showed how cozy it looks inside with native Filipino decors as its theme. When I got there, the place has proven that it's as beautiful as it looks like on its Facebook page. I also love the fact that even though it's in Makati, the location has a lot of parking spaces!

The lazy boy chairs ready to pamper guests
We've also put a macho man behind every chair.
When our bride-to-be arrived, her floral crown, scepter, sash and gifts were waiting for her! My friend Czarina was the one who made her floral crown and scepter. My friend Caca made the sash.

The floral crown, floral scepter, sash and gifts waiting for the bride-to-be.
Our bride-to-be with Daniel Matsunaga's macho poster!
Our happy bride-to-be!
Bride-to-be ready for pampering!
Lane, who was managing the place, was so helpful that she suggested we take photos around before our spa service starts. During our relaxing spa service, she even took time to take our group photos.

Czarina ready for pampering!
Maid-of-Honor & organizer Stella is also ready. By the way, Stella's first name is Maria! What a coincidence that Maria is in Silid ni Maria! :)

Bride-to-be Grace and I in a mirror shot.

Bride-to-be Grace posing with all the nail polishes offered by Silid Ni Maria.
Bride-to-be Grace at the front desk.
Now, my turn to be pampered!
Group photo during our spa service with Bride-to-Be Grace!
Bride-to-Be Grace's turn!
The spa service was very relaxing and amazing. Lane was also one of the therapists doing the foot scrub, manicure and pedicure for us. The mixture placed on my feet is called Samyo. It's a mixture of coffee and pineapple to control odor and hydrate the feet. Even if it's coffee, it smelled like chocolates which made me and my friends feel hungry.

That's Lane doing my foot spa.
The therapists and Lane were so nice that they gave us a wooden tray each to put a glass of cocktail and some chips for us to munch before we have our dinner after the spa service.

Our very pampered Bride-to-Be Grace relaxing while eating! There's 2 therapists doing her nails! :)
The remaining chips and drinks after the spa service! We were hungry ladies! OMG! =D
That's me with nails done! :)
After the spa service, I told Lane that her manicure is very scratch resistant since it's still intact even after she did my foot spa. Lane showed me that she has used Orly Gel FX which is also available in their spa services.

Lane's hands
Silid Ni Maria's Orly Gel FX collection
I think we stayed for around 4 hours because of our activities after the spa service. Even if the package said it's for 3 hours since our reservations started at 6pm. The great thing is they're so involved with our activities! They took our photos and asked us to eat our dinner there.

One of the things I love is the bridal cake and cupcake which Stella had custom made by Joanie's Cupcakes. It's not just beautiful outside but it's also yummy inside (red velvet cake)!

Sakura themed red velvet cupcake
The Sakura themed bridal shower cake!
Our Bride-to-Be Grace was so happy that day. It's a mission accomplished by me and my friends! Again, I would like to congratulate Grace in advance for her upcoming wedding! I'm truly happy that she has finally found the one.
Bride-to-Be Grace and Caca showing their newly polished nails! Lane is behind proud of her new endorsers! Heehee! :)
Our nails all done! Take a quick guess where's my hand?
Final group picture! Guess who's tipsy? =P
If you're planning an intimate bridal shower for your friend, you can consider to do it in Silid ni Maria! The place has 7 lazy boy chairs, very helpful therapists to pamper you, your friends and the bride-to-be. Plus, the location is quite quiet and personal since it's located on the 3rd floor of Allegro Center in 2284 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City. For reservations, contact Lane at 0917-5074543.


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