Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Getting Posh Nails

I've been in love with nail polish ever since I was a kid. Somehow having manicured nails make a girl's hand feminine and adds beauty to the one who possess it. The first time I heard about gel polish was a few weeks ago when I had my nails polished the traditional way. I got so curious about how gel polish works so I finally tried it in Posh Nails SM North Edsa.
Entering Posh Nails SM North Edsa, one will notice the white, pink and purple motif that will bring one's inner curious little girl out. Somehow the motif of the spa reminds me of the motif I want for my wedding.

Before a session starts, one is required to have their hands and feet soaked in water with soap. Also, each of the guests who opted for manicure and pedicure service get 2 therapists to do the service. It's structured that way to make guests feel special and extra pampered. I was even given iced tea to drink during the session!

Foot Spa

Foot Spa Kit
Since I have chosen to have a foot spa, my feet was soaked in bubble bath after using Kenko World foot spa massage machine.

A citrus smelling scrub was then put on top of my lower leg. The small black dots are the scrubs that is quite fine. So when it was scrubbed on my foot using a scrubbing glove, the black dots were so fine that I can't feel the scrub anymore and felt the scrubbing glove more.

The last part of the foot spa was this foot scrubbing stick that the therapist used to scrub the remaining dead skin underneath my foot.

After the foot spa, my feet felt that it's ready for pedicure.

The Gel Polish
Posh Nails uses Cuccio Professional gel polish which is from California and has been in the market for over 30 years!

The Colors

For my fingernails, I have chosen "#4: I have left my heart in San Francisco" because of its light color, it's going to be easy to pair clothes with!

For my toes, I have chosen "#6: Kyoto Cherry Blossoms" because of its bright color which will make my feet look clean and whiter. Also, since I wear close shoes more, the color won't be a problem with any clothes I wear.

Because my hands have short nails, I opted to have my nails filed instead of having it cut.

After filing, my nails were cleaned to make sure that the polish will stick on the nails.

Like regular polish, a clear base coat was put on my nails to ensure that my nails are protected from breakage.

After the first coat, my hand was put under the UV drying lamp for 2 minutes to make the base coat dry.

The next base coat was put then my hand was put under the UV drying lamp again.

Fuse was put next then back to the UV drying lamp.

The last is the colored gel polish. I was told that the colored gel polish can only be coated twice on the nails.

Every time a coat is put, the hand is put under the UV drying lamp for 2 minutes to ensure that each coat will dry.

The procedure on the manicure is also the same with pedicure. My foot was filed first then the two types of base coat was put, fuse coat then last came the colored gel polish. The same UV drying lamp was used for my feet.

Session Done
As what I've expected, my hands looked very feminine and clean! However, what's amazing is that my nails felt stronger and harder. Also, the polish was very smooth and shiny! My hands looked like it's a model's hand!

What I like about the light colored polish is how it made my nails look like it's French tipped but the cleaner version. I dislike the white tips that looks like correction fluid and this color is just perfect!

Even my feet looked brand new! I love how the pop of color and shine made my feet girly despite having chubby toes.

After 1 Week
During the elections, I've voted and the indelible ink was dropped on my finger I noticed that even though my gel polish session has already been a week, my nails looked like it was just newly polished!

Since I've tried and tested it, I recommend every woman who is busy and love to have beautifully manicured nails to go try Posh Nails' Cuccio Gel Polish! The session is just P550 for manicure or pedicure. It's so worth it because even after a week, the color doesn't chip off and the gloss is still there!

If you want to be extra pampered and relaxed, you can opt to get a foot spa before the nail polish session for a refreshed and soft feet! The foot spa is P300 which is very affordable for a few hours of relaxation! It's really worth it! =)

To know more about the other services which Posh Nails offer, you can check out! You can also find their other branches there to find the branch near your area!


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