Sunday, November 18, 2012

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Repertory Phil's Take on Camp Rock

Repertory Philippines is bringing on stage Disney's Musical Sensation "Camp Rock" which will be running for one month. The magic of this production is that it brings new actors who can dance & sing as good as the veterans. It is quite a refreshing mix of talents with lots of energy put together in one roof!

The stars of this show are Morissette, Markki Stroem, Cheska Ortega, Nacho Tambunting, Jef Flores, Nel Gomez, Justine Pena, Cara Barredo, B Delgado, Mica Fajardo, Kiara Dario, Hans Braga, Eric Mercado, Justin Valiente, Hans Eckstein, Keano Aniban, Steve Hotchkiss, Fran Jose, Kelly Nicolas, Arianna Norton, Erika Pangan (the daughter of the great Jett Pangan), Eddy Thompson, Rem Zamora, Chino Veguillas, Karyl Factora, Reb Atadero, Tristan Cheng, Daniel Delgado, Jin Dimson, Jim Ferrer, Gerald Gonzales, Toinky Lane, Chaye Mogg, Paolo Ocampo, Shalee Vicencio, Alex Reyes and Jasmine Zabala.

The girl in front touching her bangs in a yellow jacket is Erika Pangan. :)

The show is directed by Audie Gemora who also directed the show "High School Musical" in Manila.

What I love about the show is that it touches the teens who are very familiar with it that are singing while the show is ongoing. This show is like a beginner's introduction on theater. Hopefully when these teens fall in love with theater, they'll want to watch more.

Aside from the great show, I love the set up at the entrance that makes one feel you're in camp! I wasn't able to take control of myself and took some photos with my good friend Caca who went with me.

Donning a formal business attire in camp! Sorry, I went to the show straight from work.
Pink Coat and Snake Print Skirt: Folio by SM Ladies Fashion

That's my good friend Caca! :)
If you love theater and want your kids to fall in love with theater, let them watch this! For those who are not theater fans, I think this can be your introduction to theater since there are a lot of familiar songs that you'll surely enjoy!
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