Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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OOTD: Till We Meet Again

I'm dedicating this blog post to Michelle Bugante who is now far away but I'm really so happy that she's enjoying her newfound adventure that she has always dreamed of!

This is our last OOTD photo shoot before she left for China.

(L-R) Joyfully Yours, Michelle Bugante, Mares Palma, Rhea Bue & Alex Purugganan. (Taken by Miki Bugante)
The next photos were taken by Michelle. =D

It's fashion that brought us together.
Each moment we share I'll always treasure.

OOTD: Top by Weekender of SM Ladies Fashion
Will miss the laugh and fears we share.
But our friendship will always be there.

OOTD: Shoes from Hong Kong
Rhea and I already miss you much.
Stay happy and safe, let's keep in touch.
Till we meet again!

OOTD: Pants from Marks & Spencer

I'm not really as good as Michelle when it comes to creative writing. If you read her OOTD posts, she does it far better than I do. I'm more into narrative and descriptive writing. :) I just thought of writing it creatively since this post is for her and looking at the photos just made me miss her. I'm sure that Rhea misses her too since she was part of our conversation yesterday. :P

By the way, this is my third OOTD post. I might not be the usual thin, skinny model but I think I represent the real women who have curves at the wrong places but can be hidden by just choosing the right type of clothes. Hope my OOTD posts inspire women out there that they can be fashionable in whatever size they are!

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