Sunday, June 9, 2013

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Tissue Talk

What do you look for in a tissue?

The first thing that I look for in a tissue is that it must be clean and hygienic since it touches my skin. Whatever you do in using tissue, it will surely touch your skin so I think you agree with me that it must be clean and hygienic, right?

Do you know that Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc. (SCPA), the company behind the brands: Sanicare, Femme, Jade, Tisyu, Cheers and Naturale, is a Filipino company?

The company believes that every Filipino deserves access to quality hygienic paper product at very reasonable prices as stated by their President & CEO Rene Sio.

It's because of this belief that SCPA make sure that their products are made from 100% virgin pulp. Virgin fibers have their inherent content of natural wet strength resins that help bring fibers together. This creates a higher resistance to moisture and prevents linting ("himulmol" in Filipino) on moist surfaces. Also, linting can cause irritations, allergies or even as bad as urinary tract infection.

Even if recycling is supposed to be a good thing, recycled tissue is not! Recycling wastepaper causes damage to the fibers, producing shorter fibers that are easier to get picked out of the sheet. Just flick your forefinger on recycled tissue and you'll see the dust it releases. It's alright to recycle paper for writing but not tissue for your skin!

SCPA's products are chlorine free and do not have artificial whiteners. Chlorine produces dioxins which have been linked to cancer and are very harmful to the environment while artificial whiteners when in contact with human skin can migrate on the surfaces it touches! This is the reason why SCPA products are off-white in color.

With regards to the consistency in winding and sealing, SCPA's sheet count is digitally controlled and is very accurate. It's not how bulky a tissue is, it's the sheet count that is important. Some tissue makers might look puffy and bulky but one has to read the sheet count to be able to identify which tissue is worth it and easy on the pocket.

By the way, to make tissue buying easier, here's a guide made by SCPA:

Find out more about SCPA products, you can visit or like them on their Facebook page: SCPA | Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc.

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