Sunday, June 23, 2013

# A Decade of Renaissance Art Gallery # Abdulsari Imao

A Visit to RenaiXance

Last June 5, I was able to attend the opening of RenaiXance which celebrated the 10th year of Renaissance Art Gallery.

I was so amazed with all the different artworks around me! Throughout the years since Rizal's time, Filipinos have always been good with creating beautiful artworks. It's just timely that this exhibit is being held on the month of Philippines's Independence Day.

If you're at the SM Megamall area, remember to drop by and support these great Filipino artists! RenaiXance will be available until June 29 at the 4/F SM Megamall A, Ortigas Center, Pasig. To know more about it, you may read my previous entry here.

Below are some snippets of artworks and people that have caught my attention.

Mabuhay ang Pilipino! 

Artist Remy Boquiren with her artwork. I met Tita Remy through my friend Mari. She's really nice and very accommodating!
Tita Remy Boquiren with Joyfully Yours. (Photo taken by Mari Moya)
At the right is National Artist Napoleon Abueva. If you notice the wooden bench on the ground floor of DLSU-Taft's library, those were sculpted by him.
Jim Paredes with his photo. He took that in Bulacan. When one talks to him, you wouldn't even feel that he's a star! He's so friendly, down-to-earth and talks to everyone in the crowd! :)
My fiance with Jim Paredes
National artist Abdulsari Imao
There's also a sculpture of a child in the middle of all the artworks. The child is as green as how a school's black board would look like.

The child symbolizes the hopes of Renaissance Art Gallery to grow bigger in the next years to come! This artwork is also used as a shout out box and doodle board for the kids.

Look at all that chalk encircling the artwork! I can't help but to get one piece of chalk and also write a message myself.


  1. Thank you for visiting our event! We'll keep you updated on our future projects. :) -Renaissance Art Gallery

    1. You're welcome, Margaux! Very looking forward to hear more about your future projects! =)


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