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Bridal Idea: Hair & Make Up

When one of my best friends was preparing for her wedding 2 years ago, she had a make up artist recommended by her mother-in-law who has been the hair and make up artist of her husband's family for years. Thinking that she can trust the hair and make up artist, she had her trial during her pre-nup shoot. The result, her make up was dark and let's say, it's not so good. The reason for this is because her hair and make up artist is so used to doing one style which suits her in-laws but the same hair and make up style doesn't suit her features. From this incident, I've learned to look for a hair & make up artist who can do make up according to my features and so I've started doing my research and surfing the net for brides who have the same features as I do.

Around 7 months ago, I saw my friend Loni's pre-nup photos on my Facebook's news feed. The first photo that I saw was her close up shot.
Loni and JP Bayangos
Loni has fair skin like I do but her pinkish lips and cheeks which is obviously from her make up, looks quite natural. I've also noticed how her features looks the same as her real face without make up which is something I like. Looking at the photo, I've asked for her hair and make up artist and contacted the person right away. A few weeks ago, I finally had my make up trial to ensure of my judgement. I went to Jackie's studio in Las Pinas and tried out how my make up will look like. I didn't book for a pre-nup shoot like my best friend did because I do not want any risk so I just went to the studio myself.
That's me before the make up trial started. Thanks Jackie for taking this photo!
Another shot by Joyfully Yours. :)
As you can see, that's Jackie's tools. Most of her make up are from Mac which suits Asian skin. Take a peek of her tools up close.
Almost everything is from Mac! Don't you feel like in Make Up Heaven?
The airbrush
Blush On
More make up!
Eye Shadow

More Mac products
Jackie also knows how to pamper her guest. She played romantic music and served chocolates & coffee to turn on the relax mode.
To pamper the bride-to-be (me): Iced coffee and chocolates. Mountain Dew on the other glass for Jeck (The Hair Stylist).
The Make Up Session Begins

Jackie starts with the 6 point shading.
Prepping the air brush with color.
Spraying the mixture.
Jackie mixes it properly.
The airbrushing starts
Still airbrushing
Jackie's daughter, Given, observing us. Looks like this little girl's enjoying. :)
Putting color on my eyelids. Thanks Jive (Jackie's husband) for taking this photo.
Curling my lashes. (Photo taken by Jive)
Time for falsies ;) (Photo taken by Jive)
Almost done but now, let's move on to Jackie's partner hair stylist, Jeck Aguilar. (Photo taken by Jive.)
The Hair Styling Begins
Jackie's good friend and partner, Jeck Aguilar, did my hair for the trial and he will be doing my hair on my wedding day. Jeck has actually been in the industry for a long time and he's currently one of the hair stylist of Heart Evangelista!

Jeck putting rollers on my hair. (Photo taken by Jive.)
Still putting rollers (Photo taken by Jive.)
Now he starts to take the rollers off and curls my hair. I was wondering what will happen next. Haha! :)
Jeck takes out the rolls and starts curling my hair with a curling iron. (Photo taken by Jive.)

Finishing Touches
Jackie's almost done with my make up. (Photo taken by Jive.)
Still have some finishing touches to do.
Finishing touches
Make up is done! Close up with closed eyes. See the lashes and all the colors? (Photo taken by Jackie)
A close up with my eyes open. How do I look? (Photo taken by Jackie)
A little farther. (Photo taken by Jackie)
Jeck Aguilar securing pins on the curls. (Photo taken by Jackie)
My hair is done too!!! :D (Thanks Jackie for this picture!)
Everything is done! Hair Stylist Jeck Aguilar, me and Make Up Artist Jackie Flores! (Thanks Jive for this photo!)
What's Next?
Since my hair and make up is done, to test how it will look like in photos, Jive (Jackie's husband) became my photographer. All brides want to look good on photos without a shiny face. Since Philippines has a hot weather, it's easy for brides to sweat and become oily. To be able to assure that Jackie's make up will still look good even while perspiring, we had our photo shoot out in the sun!
Outfit of the Day (OOTD): Dress by Studio of SM Ladies Fashon and Lacy Shoes from Hong Kong.
Hair by Jeck Aguilar. The curls make the hairdo look dramatic.
Not shiny! :D Make up by Jackie Flores
The dramatic pose as directed by Jeck Aguilar.
Overall, I had a fun experience being with Jackie and her team. They really made sure that I'm comfortable and pampered throughout the trial session. I even wore my make up for the whole day just to make sure how long does the hair and make up take. After 3 hours, my face started to oil and after 4 hours, my hair slowly fell. I told Jackie about it but she assured me that on my wedding day, her team will be with me for the whole day to assist with my hair and make up which made me worry-free. I have finally decided afterwards that I'm getting Jackie's team for my wedding day.

Before and After Look
My before and after look. I don't look far from my without make up look right?
For more details on Jackie Flores and her team, you may check out her Facebook Page: Majica-Makeover by Jackie in Creative Application. To inquire her rates, feel free to contact her at and 0927-2031079. She's really friendly and nice. Let her know that you saw this blog if you contact her. ;)


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