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Did Your Favorite Restaurants make it to "The Choice Awards 2017?"

"The Choice Awards" was established in 2015 by 3 giants who are very familiar with the Philippine food industry trends and classics namely Our Awesome Planet by Anton Diaz, The KTG (Kain Tulog Gang) composed of some of the top food bloggers in the Philippines such as The Pickiest Eater in the World, The Hefty Foodie, The Food Scout, The Hungry Kat, etc and WOFEX (World Food Expo). They all come together and conduct a voting within themselves on which restaurants represent their favorites all over the Philippines. The categories are broad but they try to be less formal yet give credit to those restaurants for the good job that they do.

The voting was open to the public for 3 weeks (from July 3-23, 2017) for the public to voice out their favorites.
Our Awesome Planet's Anton Diaz (right most), Desserts Come First's Lori Baltazar (bottom left) with The KTG
and some winners of The Choice Restaurant Awards 2017. I'm near the balloons beside Rachelle Diaz. :)
Yesterday, August 5, "The Choice Restaurant Awards 2017" was held at SMX during WOFEX to honor all those who made it to this year's awards. There were a lot of brands to who made it to the Hall of Fame meaning they have won for 3 consecutive years!
Spanky Enriquez gives a short history about The Choice Restaurant Awards
Spanky introduces himself.
Check out the list below to see who among your favorites made it this year.
Richie Zamora (The Pickiest Eater in the World) & Rina Zamora (Rina's Rainbow)
with superstar Rainbow Zamora presenting the 1st batch of awards.
Favorite Fast Food Burger - Burger King (Hall of Fame)

Favorite Gourmet Burger - 8 Cuts (Hall of Fame)

Favorite Pizza - Yellow Cab
The KTG, Our Awesome Planet's Anton & Rachelle Diaz in Yellow Cab's "Laging Gutom" shirt.
Favorite Fried Chicken - KFC (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Crispy Pata - Barrio Fiesta
Favorite Lechon - Elar's
Favorite Steak Restaurant - Mamou
Favorite Sisig - Gerry's Grill (Hall of Fame)
The 2nd batch of awards were presented by Jeng del Rosario (Food in the Bag) and Karla Reyes (Quiche the Cook)
Favorite BBQ - Aristocrat (Hall of Fame)

Favorite Hotdog - S&R (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Ramen - Ramen Nagi (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Doughnut - Krispy Kreme (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Ensaymada - Mary Grace (Hall of Fame)
I was so starstrucked here that the real Mary Grace accepted the award! :)
Favorite Frozen Treats - Dairy Queen (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Pastries, Desserts and Cakes and Cupcakes - Conti's (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Coffee Shop - Starbucks (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Bar - ABV
Favorite Filipino Restaurant - Locavore
Favorite American Restaurant - Chili's
Favorite Chinese Restaurant - Gloria Maris (Hall of Fame)
That's Nines Licad of Nines VS Food giving the award with Stonibert Lim of The Food Alphabet
Favorite Thai Restaurant - People's Palace (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Korean Restaurant - Bulgogi Brothers (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Japanese Restaurant - Izakaya Kikufuji
Favorite Mexican Restaurant - El Chupacabra (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Spanish Restaurant - Alba's
Favorite Italian Restaurant - Amici
Favorite Buffet Restaurant - Niu by Vikings
Joko Magalong & Jeeves De Veyra of ABS-CBN Online gives the award to Niu by Vikings
Favorite Fine Dining Restaurant - Antonio's (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Romantic Restaurant - Antonio's (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Family Friendly Restaurant - Chili's (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Student Hangout - Starbucks
Favorite Restaurant for Corporate Events / Office Parties - Max's
Favorite Restaurant with the Best Ambiance - Antonio's
Favorite Hangover / Recovery Restaurant - Recovery Food
Favorite 24/7 Restaurant - North Park (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Restaurant with the Best Service - House of Wagyu
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant - Jollibee (Hall of Fame)
Whoops! I got kissed by Jollibee!!!

Lori Baltazar of Dessert Comes First & Spanky Enriquez presented some of the awards.
Favorite New Restaurant Opened 2016 - 2017 (Cut-off Period: June 1, 2016 - May 31, 2017) - Poke Poke

New Categories
Favorite European Restaurant - Old Swiss Inn
Old Swiss Inn explained that these staff were with them for 20+ years which they'd like to dedicate their award to
for all the hardwork the team has done over the years.
Favorite Latin Restaurant - Señor Pollo
The award was presented by Chuckie & Yen Dreyfus
Favorite Food Park - The Yard at Xavierville
Favorite Classic Restaurant (1987 and older) - Aristocrat

Out-of-Town Categories
Favorite Restaurant in Baguio - Café by the Ruins
Favorite Restaurant in Pampanga - Aling Lucing's Sisig
Favorite Restaurant in Tagaytay - Antonio's
Favorite Restaurant in Bacolod- Aida's Chicken Inasal at Manokan Country
Favorite Restaurant in Cebu - Casa Verde
Favorite Restaurant in Davao - Jack's Ridge
Anton & Rachelle Diaz of Our Awesome Planet presented some of the awards too.
Hotel Categories
Favorite Hotel Specialty Restaurant (New) - Summer Palace at EDSA Shangri-La
Favorite Hotel Buffet - Spiral (Hall of Fame)
Favorite Hotel Staycation - Sofitel
Favorite Hotel Breakfast - Sofitel
Favorite Hotel Swimming Pool - Sofitel
Favorite 5-Star Hotel in Metro Manila - Sofitel

Resort Category (New)
Favorite Beach Resort Hotel - Discovery Shores Boracay

Favorite Chef - Tony Boy Escalante
Hottest Male Chef - Rob Pengson
Hottest Female Chef - Jackie Ang Po

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