Thursday, August 3, 2017

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Rainy Day Hits at My Ultimate Favorite Japanese Hideout Place

Even before social media got into people's lives and learned about Little Tokyo from photos, articles and all the sharing, I have dined in Little Tokyo ever since because it was so near where my first job is. Despite moving to other jobs, being away from Makati, dining in different good Japanese restaurants in the Metro, this one place still calls me and I will always be going back to - Yamazaki Hoka Hoka Bento Ramen House!

The name might be long but it represents the place is a fast food with bento meals & ramen. Aside from these, the place also has a grocery where you can buy your Japanese food stash like instant noodles, ramen (to cook at home), fresh vegetables, Hokkaido milk, etc.

Since it's already the rainy season, having a bowl of ramen to get together with friends is always a good idea, thus, to Yamazaki Hoka Hoka Bento Ramen House we go.

My friend ordered the Ankake Ramen. It's a seafood ramen with shrimp, crabsticks, squid, black fungus, ground pork, carrots and chives in thick seafood broth. One serving even good for 1, it's actually quite big and can be eaten by 2 persons.
Ankake Ramen (P238)
My usual order is the Han Chan Set at P228 which includes these:

A choice between Yasai Itame (stir fried mixed vegetables) or Gyoza, I chose Gyoza. I like its soft translucent skin which is fried a bit on a side to give a little crisp. The blend of meat with vegetables inside has a good ratio of soft, tender, meaty, tasty and juicy.

The Shoyu Ramen
Shoyu means soy sauce, thus indicating that the broth is made with soy sauce however, it's good and slurp-worthy especially if you have a bit of spring onions while sipping it. The noodles has enough softness and the piece of shoyu, though it's just 1 piece, it's good enough since this is just half a serving but big enough for 1 person.
Look at the generous amount of ramen in this so-called half a serving!

The Chahan
This fried rice with egg, a little bit of meat, green peas and fish cake might look innocently simple but a spoonful brings you to heaven! A little bit more spoonfuls and it'll trick you into finishing the whole plate which will make you crave for more even if you're full because it's just so good. This honestly is the best chahan I've ever had! It's my one true love which I'll fall in love over again and again.
Yamazaki Hoka Hoka Bento Ramen House is located at the Little Tokyo area but it's on the outside, just opposite Makati Cinema Square, near Seryna. It's open daily from 9:30am to 9:30pm. Try out their bento meals too which comes with spaghetti salad style which might be weird to look at but just eat it and you'll see how good it is. :)
Our orders: 2 Han Chan Set and 1 Ankake Ramen. Yummy!!! :P~

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