Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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The Salon Privat Experience

A few months ago, I was delighted to be invited by Salon Privat by Jing Monis Salon to the bridal shower of Kaye Abad. Honestly, I did not have any idea on what I have to wear or if I must bring any gift since it's a bridal shower. I was told just to wear something casual and comfortable since it was a day of pampering and not to bring any gift. In short, just enjoy the day.

Upon walking in the salon, the place was like sprinkled with stardust by a fairy godmother.

Salon Privat was just gorgeous that for a brief moment, I thought I'm not in a salon but in a real bridal shower. The staff of Salon Privat were very friendly and quickly assisted me to the second floor so I can start being pampered according to one of their staff.

I was directed right away to the shower area to have my hair shampoo'd and conditioned.
Wella Elements Renewing Shampoo was used to renew the moisture of my hair and nourishing it from root to tip.
Wella Elements Lightweight Renewing Conditioner was used next to make my hair feel light but strengthens the hair. Also, it will preserve my hair's vitality.
Next stop, I was given a trim.
Salon Privat Senior Stylist, Mr. Vince Gutierrez, giving me a trim.

Because everything was so fast and I felt like Cinderella being transformed to this magical world, I wasn't prepared at all! I did not get a before shot. However, just stay with me to see how things unfolded.

So there I was sitting on the comfy salon seat, after my trim, Wella Elements Renewing Mask was applied to my hair.

The team of Wella was actually on site too when I was there. They were very nice to explain to me that this renewing mask has zero parabens. Parabens are chemically made preservatives used by many cosmetic products, shampoo, moisturisers and other personal care products which studies say can cause cancer. I was actually educated by them to always check the label when buying personal care products to stay away from parabens.

After the application, my hair was wrapped completely in a towel.

By wrapping my hair, it's making the Wella Elements Renewing Mask to restore and preserve my hair's moisture. It's almost similar to getting a hot oil except, my hair is not being heated. It's the wrapped process that packs the moisture in. A bit later, a cling wrap was put around my head.
I was so amazed at what was happening. They said that this process will further establish my hair's moisture and make my hair absorb the Wella Elements Renewing Mask more. How I wish I can do this everyday to have beautiful shiny hair! I think this whole process took 20-30 minutes though. And then...Voila!
Wella Elements Conditioning Leave-in Spray was applied to my hair while it was being combed.
The final process of putting in Wella Elements Conditioning Leave-in Spray ensures my hair is protected when I go outdoors. Also, it has a gentle hold to make sure my hair is in its nicest form!
Now, transformed!
After all the pampering hair treatments, that's when we had the party. It was really a wonderful experience of being pampered and dolled up first before partying.

Big thanks to Mr. Vince Gutierrez of Salon Privat for my hair!
Of course, I just have to grab the chance to have my photo taken with Kaye Abad! I remember watching her in "Tabing Ilog" and I remember that she was also in "Pangako Sayo" (Jericho Rosales & Kristine Hermosa version).
Salon Privat is by Jing Monis, the hairstylist of the celebrities! I'm really glad that I get to experience the magic of the place. Also, it's actually quite a nice venue for bridal shower or even birthday party for gals after being glammed up!
All the hair products available at Salon Privat

Yey or Nay on my new look?
For more information on Salon Privat, you may check out their Facebook page: and for the products used on my hair, you can check out Wella Philippines on Facebook:

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