Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Sweet Taste of Bliss at Morelli's Gelato

Gelato is that comfort food that awakens the child in me. The array of choices in Morelli's Gelato store in the East Wing Mid-level of Shangri-La Mall might look very confusing if you're a gelato lover like me because you'd like to taste them all! 

Founded by Giueseppe Morelli in 1907 who sold his homemade gelatos from the back of his bicycle,
Morelli's Gelato now has stores in Cafe de Paris, Monte Carlo and Dubai Mall aside from Shangri-La Mall and Rockwell Mall in the Philippines.

What's awesome about this gelato store is that they welcome people to really taste all the gelato first! And so the shameless me did with a big smile. :D

Sweet and very aromatic! If you love banana, you'll definitely go crazy like a monkey.

Tastes so much like Bazooka bubble gum! Brings back childhood memories.

Very creamy with a hint of caramel.

Very rich chocolatey taste! Loved it!

Awakens the senses in a cold sweet form.

Very creamy and aromatic.

It's a battle between sweet and sour that boosts the appetite for more gelato!

Very light and not too sweet.

Love this too! Reminds me of the small malt candies I had when I was still a child.

A refreshing treat!

Delicious and very creamy with no hint of sourness whatsoever!

It tastes like a mixture of coconut and milk mixed together.

It feels like it can freshen your breath. Would go perfectly with the chocolate gelato!

Might sound weird at first but it's actually very refreshing and tastes like summer.

Really tastes like passion fruit without the seeds.

Nutty, creamy and oh-so-good! I heard that this is their best-seller with pistachio nuts sourced from Bronte, a small village in Sicily.

This is yummy too! Feels like the good old days.

It's very strong in flavor. Definitely good for berry lovers.
Now for the biggest question ever, what to get?

At Morelli's, you can pick and choose a sundae that best suits your taste preferences. There's really no limits on which to choose because you can mix and match to tailor fit your sundae. They also have their own creations which my friends and I decided to get to satisfy our gelato cravings.

Knickerbocker Glory
Strawberry, chocolate and soft vanilla gelato served with mango and chocolate coulis, mixed seasonal fruit and fresh whipped cream.

It feels like an upscale banana split without the bananas!

Hazelnut and soft vanilla gelato topped with chocolate sauce, fresh whipped cream and a single shot of Baileys liquer in a chocolate cup.

The taste of coffee, alcohol and chocolate mixed together in perfect harmony

Manila Special
Soft vanilla, banana and coconut gelato served with dulce de leche sauce, condense milk, Piemonte hazelnuts and coconut flakes.

Coconut and banana actually tastes so good together!
It's not the usual combination but actually works.
Look at those macadamia nuts that gives a crunchy twist to this creamy delight!
Aside from these scrumptious gelato treats, not-to-miss are their coffee and hot chocolate. Just look at these drinks!

Cappuccino with Dulce de Leche gelato.

No need for creamer and sugar because it's all in the gelato!
Hot Chocolate
Choose between having your hot chocolate with whipped cream or marshmallow.
I chose marshmallow because it gives that extra fluffy sweetness that reminisces cold Christmas days when all I want to do is be under the blanket, watch TV and have a comfort cup of hot chocolate!


  1. Fruits of the forest yogurt - haha I love this name!

    1. It's so creative! Haha! Makes you want to eat the whole tub.


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