Thursday, September 1, 2016

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"All Things Swiss" Food Festival at Marco Polo Ortigas

Experience the flavors of Switzerland in Marco Polo Ortigas until September 4, 2016, as they bring in Cucina all the delectable food choices that are meant to conquer one's palate. Upon hearing Swiss food festival, I can't stop myself from imagining the cheese, the meats and the chocolates that will be there!

The entrance of Cucina greets diners with a huge banner that transports one from Manila to Switzerland.

The raclette station is a must visit! Look at this gorgeous video.
And my here goes my plate of raclette with pearl onions, marble potatoes and pickle.
It's the very first thing I got when I went in! Honestly, I did not even go to my seat yet and I have already gone to the line to get my fill of raclette. Yes, it's that's attractive!

After my fill of the raclette, I went over to the appetizers and checked out what's in store.

This quiche might look very plain but it's amazingly good! The crust is buttery and crunchy while the egg is fluffy but firm. My 1 year old baby loved it! I think she ate 2 big slices of this!
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
Must not skip this sandwich. It's so good, creamy and buttery! The meat just melts in your mouth!
Parma Ham Sandwich
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
Chorizo Sandwich
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
Tuna Sandwich
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
The ribeye steak is just fantastic! It's so tender and flavorful. A slice is just not enough! I think I had a lot of this!
Angus Ribeye Steak
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
The Spaetzle is a soft egg noodle which is good with the raclette on top.
Tomato Omelette
Baked Oysters
Jelly Terrine

Veal Sausage Salad

Chicken, Cold Cuts and Cheese Salad

Cabbage Salad with Bacon

Smoked Trout

Wild Rice Salad
The desserts are not to be missed too! The chocolates were superb!
Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles
Photo by: Eugene of Hefty Foodie
The Swiss Carrot Cake is something special. One must try this too! It's not the regular carrot cake that you see around. It seems like the cake was soaked in lots of sweet milk but it's not dripping wet. It's just perfectly moist and good in every bite. :)
The schaenkali is also a must try! It's a lemon flavored pastry that's soft and sweet. It melts in your mouth when you bite it. A very refreshing treat!
If you're already salivating, go make a reservation today! The "All Things Swiss" Food Festival is until Sept 4 only! To make your reservations, call (02)7207720 or email The rates are: Mondays - Thursday lunch is P1,500 nett while dinner is P1,800 nett. Friday to Sunday lunch is P2,300 nett while dinner is P2,650 nett.

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