Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Get Clucky at Lucky Chick

Being in UP Town Center, Lucky Chick aims to be the new hangout for college kids during their breaks in between classes or just a place to stay after all the stress in class.

The feel of the place is like an upscale canteen where the menu is on one side of the wall where the kitchen is, very bright & well-lighted place for those who would want to read a book while eating or after meals but the best part of it all are the very Instagrammable walls for those who'd want their OOTDs be taken and feel good about their look.

Their menu contains all the good stuff that you'll want to eat during your school breaks. It's simple, direct to the point and easy to eat. No need for extra effort to think on what to eat!

I had the How to make your own luck meal because I wanted to claim my good luck! 

So this is How to make your own luck the Lucky Chick style:
1. Choose your flavor - original, hot chick or lemon & garlic
2. Dark or white meat?
3. Choose your gravy:
-> Original - It's the good old fashioned gravy that you've been having since you were a kid.
-> Honey - Sweet and delightful.
-> Apple cider - It's like a vinaigrette that's gravy flavored.
4. Choose your sides.

My lucky meal!
I had the original white meat chicken, got all 3 gravies to try (not all gravies are in the picture) and for my sides, a biscuit & mashed potato.

The Chicken
I chose the white meat so this is the breast part. It's a bit bigger than my fist, juicy meat inside which is a sign that they've cooked it right and with oh so crunchy skin! I love this with the Apple Cider gravy because it feels like eating chicharon with suka but this is even better!

The Mashed Potato
Who could go wrong with making a mashed potato? Well, you're wrong. A lot of mashed potato in restaurants use the "just add water" ones making their mashed potato smooth but not fresh. With Lucky Chick, their mashed potato is a bit on the grainy side with a few lumps (I love the lumps, they're like the bonus pieces!) which shouts freshness at its best!

The Biscuit
Most of the chicken places in the Metro that offers biscuits have a soft, bread or cake-like texture with sugar glaze. Take Lucky Chick's biscuit differently! Since they believe in sticking to the old fashion, original US style biscuit, they really have a biscuit! It's compact, salty and crumbly. I've crumbled it a bit and added gravy, it's a great match with the chicken!

Here's a little extra for sweet tooths! There's a secret dessert that's not on the menu which I had and is coming out as a regular in the menu soon.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie
Love that it's big because it's so good! The texture of the cookie is crumbly with oatmeal bits but very well composed because it doesn't all crumble down when cut into half or bitten. I think it will be very good with ice cream which Lucky Chick will hopefully serve.

For those who wants to try Lucky Chick out, they're having an unlimited chicken and rice promo this coming weekend - June 4-5! So go and try it before it's over!

Lucky Chick is located at 2/F UP Town Center, Katipunan, Diliman, Q.C.
For updates, follow its Facebook page: LuckyChickPH or Instagram page: and use the hashtag #GetClucky to find honest to goodness photos by their diners!

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