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A Grocery for Gadgets

When I went in PC Gilmore, their jingle "Pareng Cool, Mareng Cute, What's the latest in Facebook?...Sa PC Gilmore, sa PC Gilmore..." made me feel like I'm inside a local grocery store but this time it's selling electronic gadgets. PC Gilmore was formed in 2001 and have different branches in West Avenue, VMall, Greenhills, Xtreme, Caloocan (All Digital Hub), SM Cubao and they're managing two Asus concepts store located in SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia. This year they moved to a bigger and bolder PC Gilmore being the first in Gilmore to put 5 concept stores inside its premises namely: Acer, Asus, Canon, Lenovo and Samsung.

It's always a maze when buying electronic gadgets like computer, laptop, printer, scanner, etc... you name it because of the different stores you have to visit since there are so many brands in the market. If all of them can be together under one roof like a one-stop-shop or grocery for electronics, it would definitely make buying electronic gadgets a lot easier and enjoyable. With that in mind, PC Gilmore comes in since it is already becoming today's leading computer distributor and systems integrator. With almost all of the popular brands under their roof, who needs to go around?

PC Gilmore Marketing Consultant John Balajadia hosted the event.

To give us a feel of their "Grocery for Gadgets" concept, they invited speakers from the different brands which they carry to discuss their latest products.

PC Gilmore Business Unit Head Bong Medina gave the Opening Remarks.

The first speaker is from Asus who discussed about their new N43SL. According to him, the cover of the laptop is made from brushed aluminum. The specs are: Intel Core i5-2410M, 2G DDR3 1333Mhz, 500GB HDD, Nvidia GeForce NV GT540M 2G VRAM, 14" LED display, 1 x USB 3.0, Card reader, BT, 2MP webcam, DVD Combo, HDMI port, Sonic Master Technology, B&O Ice Power, Win 7 Basic, 6 cell battery.

Asus representative discussed and showed how the new N43SL looks like.

To prove the good audio quality of the new N43SL, he played a sample song in the laptop.

The next speaker Channel Sales Specialist of Asus Terence Lim, discussed the new Asus SabertoothP67. One of the striking characteristics of this motherboard is its own cooling system so there's no need to add a cooling fan.

Terence Lim Asus Channel Sales Specialist presents the Asus Sabretooth P57

The third speaker is the 4P Manager of Lenovo SMB Francis Ivan Judan who discussed the history of IBM and Lenovo then showed us the new Lenovo Edge. I learned from him that the ThinkPad has been around for 18 years. Actually, I remember the first laptop that my family had at home is a ThinkPad and back in the days, it was very dependable. According to Francis, since 1992 upto 2010, there were 60 million ThinkPad sold all over the world which gives them the edge so their new ThinkPad is named, ThinkPad Edge. ThinkPad Edge is a lot cheaper than the regular big ThinkPad but it has the important functions of the regular one. The ThinkPad Edge has a spill-resistant keyboard and it has a legacy APS (Action Protection System) that pauses your laptop when you're running around to avoid damage or data loss. Oh yes! I repeat, running around with your laptop while it is on can damage it or cause data loss which only ThinkPad or ThinkPad Edge can prevent with their APS.

Francis Ivan Judan of Lenovo shows the new ThinkPad Edge

How does APS work? The APS transducer warn early when the laptop is falling or shaking. The laptop stops reading and writing upon getting this signal. Force disk head starts unloading (within 500ms), the data is protected and once the laptop stabilizes, the laptop goes back into the normal working state. As shown on the picture above, the ThinkPad Edge can be wide opened without having to worry since there's a part behind it that acts as breaks.

What's more? ThinkPad Edge also has a battery monitor to measure how long the battery will last and how worn out the battery is.

The fourth speaker, Aileen Chua of Logitech showed their latest product which is the very first of its kind in the market today, their Solar Keyboard. Say goodbye to batteries and charging with the wireless Solar Keyboard.

Aileen Chua of Logitech presenting their new Solar Keyboard (it's wireless too!)

Another new product which Aileen showed is their new webcam with Carl Zeiss lens. Now, you can see a clearer image of the other person you're chatting with!

Aileen presents their new webcam with Carl Zeiss lens

The last speaker is Juno Limjap-Sison from Samsung. she unveiled in front of everyone their new Samsung Series 9 Notebook which is the slimmest laptop in the world today. It is even slimmer than MacBook Air with only 7mm height and very lightweight! It also has USB ports that are hidden. For durability, the case is made from the metal used for aircrafts. As of the moment, this laptop is not yet in the market and it has no price yet. When Juno opened the box and showed the product, everyone in the room was reacting with "Ohhh!" and "Ahhh!" It definitely was a winner just by its look!

Juno Limjap-Sison with the Samsung Series 9 Notebook (Photo by Omar Itay)

It is truly amazing how these different brands were presented in front of us and these people were nice to each other with their friendly competitions. It didn't feel like I was in a market with people shouting out that they're product is better than the other brands. PC Gilmore definitely knows how to make people feel comfortable with different brands colliding under one roof! The surprises don't end just there yet...There's even a spa and a gym on the ground floor of PC Gilmore behind all the electronic gadgets called Executive Platinum Fitness! The spa caters to those stressed souls holding offices in the New Manila and Valencia area. The gym on the other hand, is another choice for the stressed souls and also the residents of the area.

Executive Platinum Fitness

Aside from the complete set of equipments in the gym, there's a studio for group exercises, a lap pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and shower. It is indeed complete and the place is really big! The place does looks deceivingly small outside but it's a surprise inside! The operating hours of the gym is 6am - 1am daily. The pool closes at 10pm. The spa has a massage promo of PhP200 from 2pm-5pm daily.

There's even a studio on the second floor for group exercises like dance.

PC Gilmore and Executive Platinum Fitness is located at 19 1st St. cor Gilmore Ave., Brgy Valencia, New Manila, Quezon City. For more details, call 411-0786 or 470-2154. You may visit the website of PC Gilmore at and the website of Executive Platinum Fitness at At the moment, PC Gilmore is having their Big Bang Sale tomorrow until April 4, 2011. Visit PC Gilmore today!

By the way, please comment on this blog entry, like it below and share it to your friends if you find it helpful. There's an ongoing contest on who gets the most number of comments, likes and shared link on or before April 1, 2011, wins a netbook. PC Gilmore will be tracking it. I hope I win it. To those who will comment or like or share my entry, a big THANK YOU!

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