Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Twisted Candy: Sweetly Customized

Don't underestimate Twisted Candy even if it is only a stall inside SM City North Edsa! Their eye catching candy designs will surely make one stand there for hours to discover what else can these candy makers do.
Feel free to click this photo to look closer at the designs! :)
Whoever thought of this wonderful idea where candy designing possibilities are endless! Yes, it is endless! One can have any candy design customized! If you have a kid who loves minions, have candy minions made! If you want to show your love to your special someone or parents, get the pink heart (photo below)! Maybe if you have an upcoming party, you can even make these as your party giveaways. What's more? One can even choose the candy's flavor! Amazing, isn't it?!
There's so many choices! It's going to be tough in choosing which flavors from these! Everything looks yummy!
Looking at the process being done in this stall just makes one feel transported to this candy land somewhat like how the kids in the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" felt.
The candy mixture is being cooked.
Stretching the candy while making it cooler.
The candies are just too beautiful to eat but once you get to smell them, just having one is not enough! It melts easily on your tongue like a burst of sweet sensation that you just have to eat another one and another one until you get full!
Freshly made candies being put in a jar.
Lots of smiles to brighten one's day!
Aside from the circle candies with a design at the center, Twisted Candy also makes flower candies which are good for guys who would like to express their feelings to their crush! ;)
It's a rose!
The Twisted Candy that I went to is located at 3/F The Block, SM City North Edsa. They also have another branch in Robinson's Galleria. Go visit and try to catch them making candy! It's actually very entertaining looking at the candy makers create their masterpieces and the smell of candies is mouthwatering too!

For more details on Twisted Candy, you can check out their Facebook page:

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