Sunday, August 25, 2013

# Alice in Wonderland # Dani Gana

Alice in Wonderland Invades Manila

Tumble down an enchanted rabbit hole with Alice into a world with talking animals and objects and whimsical wordplay for a fantastical new adventure from Repertory Philippines’ Theatre for Young Audiences 2013 offering with the staging of  Alice in Wonderland

I was so surprised that it's the first time Dani Gana has played a main role in Alice in Wonderland as Alice yet she’s quite good in acting for a first timer as a professional actress. She has effectively captured the audiences’ attention and the kids’ laughter from her acting, singing and dancing.
Dani Gana as Alice
It’s also a pleasure seeing Liesl Batucan as one of the characters. Her powerful voice as a story teller has made even the adults curious on the magical story to unfold in front of their eyes even though they already know what the story is.
At the right: Liesl Batucan as Story Teller and Duchess
When the rabbit came out, played by Nacho Tambunting, the kids were all shouting, calling their parents and pointing at the rabbit who came from the audience part running to the stage shouting, "I'm late, I'm late!"
Nacho Tambunting as the rabbit. 
I think the most magical part of the show is when Alice met the caterpillar. You can hear the kids' reaction: "waah!" "wow!" "ohh!" during the show! Looking at kids getting excited with their widened eyes is such a beautiful treat for parents watching the show.
James Stacey as Caterpillar
Copper Urmenita as Butterfly
As I am expecting, the costumes Raven Ong made were just perfect for all the characters. They've helped made the audience live a vicarious experience through the characters! During the Q and A portion with the press, the actors and actresses said that the costumes have helped them further internalized their role since the costumes looks very true to their characters.
Oliver Usison as the walrus (at the center).
Bituin Escalante as the Queen of Hearts (right)
I've always find the Mad Hatter crazy and creepy. In this show, he might be crazy but he's not creepy and more fun looking. The set of the tea party is also very inviting! I love how huge their tea set is! It's just something each little girl would love!
James Stacey as the March Hare, Nic Campos as the Mouse and Joel Trinidad as Mad Hatter.
Look at how huge the cups are! So fun, right? :)
Alice in Wonderland is now playing in Onstage, 2/F Greenbelt 1 until December 15, 2013! To know more about the schedules of the show, call 571-6926, 571-4941, email or visit their website at Tickets are also available through Ticketworld at or 891-9999.

Tickle your minds, relax and enjoy the magical wonderland of Alice in Wonderland! It's truly a show that one shouldn't miss.

Ms. Joy Virata during the welcome remarks.
Alice in Wonderland is directed by non-other than the Mother of Repertory Philippines's Children Theater: Ms. Joy Virata! I owe my love of theater to her! It was her show years ago when I was still in grade school that I fell in love with theater! :) If you have kids, I recommend you to bring them and watch this. You never know if they'll fall for theater like I did. ;)

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