Sunday, June 2, 2013

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OOTD: Forever Summer Be!

Every summer, I have only but one wish and it's "Forever Summer Be!" I've always been so in love with summer because it means no school for two months back when I was younger. As I grew up, I realized what I really love about summer is that I get to do what I like most, go swimming!

OOTD: B&W Polka Swimwear from Xiamen, China (Gift from my dad to remind me to get slimmer! Haha! =D)
| Sandals by Ipanema
Well, swimming can actually be a year round activity. However, swimming in summer gives a certain pleasure and escape from the heat! Plus, one can be inside the pool as long as they like and feel like a mermaid. When your friends and parents ask you to go out of the water, just say because it's so hot to be out of the water and they'll understand, right?

OOTD: Bag from Hong Kong (Beautiful gift from my soon-to-be MIL!) | Bracelets from Accessorize
What's more, it's actually a good excuse to go out of town, bond with friends and of course, the exercise you get from all the swimming! Or maybe the exercise from all the jump shots before me and my friends went swimming in Timberland Heights!

Me, Rhea Bue and Michelle Bugante in Timberland Sports and Nature Club!
Since I have big bottoms, I love how the bottoms of my swimwear are skorts (skirt + shorts) thus covering my big bottoms.

Jump and shout: "Forever Summer Be!"

Let the fun of summer be in our hearts forever,  let's all shout "Forever Summer Be!"

Photos by Rhea Bue and Studiyo Photo.


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