Sunday, June 2, 2013

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Feel the Breeze at Timberland Heights

Just like that, the 3 months of summer is already over. Despite the end of May last Friday, the heat of summer can still be felt all over the Metro. A lot of schools are opening on June 10 so I'm sure a lot of parents are planning this week to take their last chance to go out and have fun with their kids before school starts again!

For those parents who don't have enough vacation leaves or do not like to spend their vacation leave, here's a destination that is just around 1-2 hours from Metro Manila (depending on where one lives and of course, the traffic) that you can go to.

Timberland Heights is located in San Mateo, Rizal. Inside it is Timberland Sports and Nature Club which gives one a perfect excuse to get out of the city and commune with nature because of its reasonable distance from the city.

The beautiful city view from Timberland Heights.
Anyone will surely fall in love with the city view Timberland Heights. It feels like you own the world when you're up there looking down at the city's activities.

My happy fiance who enjoyed the view. (Photo by Rhea Bue.)

Timberland Sports and Nature Club has a lot of facilities to offer for family bonding and activities. Some of the facilities are table tennis, indoor badminton court, indoor volleyball court, indoor climbing wall, hiking and infinity pool.

My fiance who looks like he hiked. Actually, he just climbed the stairs. :)
The facility I have enjoyed the most is the infinity pool of Timberland Sports and Nature Club since it is very inviting. One will surely be tempted to take a dip!

The clubhouse and the pool.
The infinity pool.
The sunset! (View at the edge of the infinity pool.)
Because of the breath-taking sunset and city view at the edge of the infinity pool, my friends and I can't help it but take more photos.
My fiance and I trying to pull Rhea's shorts. (Photo by Michelle Bugante.)
Our friend from Indonesia, Ade Syukri with Michelle and Rhea.
Katy Perry's song in: "I kissed a girl and I like it!"

A swimming party wouldn't be complete without an underwater shot!

My fiance and I trying to make a heart but looks like a circle! Haha! =D Any tips on how to perfect this?
As the night drew in, the breeze got cooler in Timberland Heights. Even though it's very hot in the Metro at night, it's quite cold in Timberland Heights. Because the city view was so fantastic during daytime and romantic on sunset, I wanted to get a night shot so I braved the cold breeze.

The clubhouse with lights on! Lovely isn't it?
"Finding Atlantis" featuring Ade & Rhea!
Voila! The night shot!!! =)
What do you do after swimming for the whole afternoon? It's time to eat! We had noodles, pizza, chicken, nachos and halo-halo at the clubhouse. Of all the food there, we loved the nachos and halo-halo the most! Special thanks to Tita Susie (Michelle's aunt) who was so generous to treat us for dinner! We all loved conversing with her about anything under the sun! She's so cool and very well-travelled!

(L-R) Our Vietnamese friend Duc Chu Hoang, Ade, Tita Susie, Michelle and Rhea!
One good thing about Timberland Heights, because it's so near the Metro, there's no need to stay overnight which is easy for any parents' pocket! We stayed until 9pm and got back to Metro Manila by 10:30pm! It's so convenient and as DOT says it, "It's more fun in the Philippines!"


  1. nakakatuwa ka joy. you just enjoyed swimming with that cute swimsuit you're in. you feel confident no matter what, that's why you are so free and happy. your name says it all. GodBless and enjoy!

    1. Hi Ate Jona! Glad to hear that you like my post! The swimsuit was a pasalubong from my dad to remind me to be slim so I can wear it. I have to work hard to have a flat tummy despite being chubby. Haha! Good thing also that it is a skorts bottom to hide my big bottoms. :P God bless you too! :)


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