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Lolane Prettified

When Lolane was introduced to me, memories of colored hair in high school flashed in front of me. In my years of existence, I've never experimented with hair colors. I remember that back in high school, having one's hair colored is banned so a lot of my classmates just had cellophaned hair. The colors of their hair just comes out whenever the sun light reaches their hair. Since I like the magical effect, I myself had my hair cellophaned too! After high school, having hair color in college seems to be something normal and accepted. That's when I stopped having my hair cellophaned and just embraced my completely black hair. However, even if I love my naturally black hair, a part of me is very curious on how will I look like with obviously colored hair.
Lolane event at SM City San Lazaro
Lolane is made in Thailand and has been there for 25 years. It's actually one of the top brands of hair products in Thailand that can be comparable to US brand L'Oreal according to Lolane's brand manager. Lolane has been in the Philippines for 2 years but it's only now that it has finally created an event for everyone who wants to have beautiful colored hair to come together and enjoy.
Blogger Michelle Bugante of Mich Eats and Shops with me.
Michelle Bugante and Blogger Carizza Chua of
As you've seen on the tarp, Lolane is offering FREE application for every purchase of Lolane hair color products! It is currently happening until May 1, 2013 at SM City San Lazaro. Since the product is from Thailand, Lolane Philippines have invited three Thai Senior Stylists to come and do the application.
Lolane event flyer
The Thai Senior Stylists: Victor, *I don't know her name* and Patrick
The Thai Senior Stylists with the bloggers.
For PhP300 or less, one can purchase a box of their favorite Lolane hair color and have their hair colored for free in the event. Here are some of the hair colors to choose from:

Light Brown (L) and Very Light Ash Blonde (R) for only PhP129.75 a box.
Burgundy (L) and Mahogany Red Brown (R) are also only P129.75 a box!
A closer look at the Mahogany Red Brown boxes.
Since there were so many nice colors and I was told that I can even mix and match colors, I got so confused on what to choose. I have decided to let Thai Senior Stylist Patrick choose a color for me and this is what he got:
Light Copper Golden Blonde which is PhP239.75 a box.
Since I have really long hair and I wanted my hair to be fully covered, Patrick suggested that I get 3 boxes. After the color selection, I was ready to have my hair colored.
Goodbye black hair! That's Patrick behind me.
Patrick puts all the tubes' contents into a small bowl.
All the contents in!
He adds in a small cup of Peroxide to make sure the color sticks to my hair
since I'm having my hair colored for the first time.
Using the brush, Patrick applies the mixture on my hair.
Here is Blogger Rhea of Rhea Bue Styles and Writes
whose hair was colored by Patrick too!
Carizza with Victor applying her hair color.
Michelle can't hide her excitement to have her hair colored!
There's a 30-minute waiting time after the application to ensure that the mixture is being absorbed by the hair.
The waiting Rhea! Patrick is still adding some of the mixture to her hair.
Here's me with my wet-hairdo-waiting look!
To rinse off all the mixture.
Ok, that's not me but I don't have a nice photo so hope this suffices.
Michelle's hair being blow dried and styled by Patrick.
My hair being blow dried and styled by Victor.
Before I present to you my final look, I would like to show you the other Lolane products that I've discovered in the event.
Lolane Daily Hair Serum (PhP149) that works like a leave on conditioner
to make hair smooth and shiny.
Grey Coverage Shampoo (PhP99.75) which covers grey hair
while one's taking a shower
The loot I've gotten from Lolane!
Aside from the free hair color application during the event, every customer who spends PhP500 or more gets to pick-a-prize to win a shirt, shower cap, pouch, shoulder bag or hand bag.
The Pick-A-Prize box
I got a hand bag!
Aside from the Pick-A-Prize, there's also a raffle coupon! On the last day of the event, which is on May 1, there are three Ipad Minis to be given away! The deadline of the submission of entries is at 3pm.

Are you now ready to see my new look prettified by Lolane? Okay, count with me...3....2...1!
Do you like the affordable catwalk-quality hair by Lolane? After the treatment, my hair remained smooth and shiny! Compare it with how I look like before my transformation.
Me with Carissa.
My OOTD: Top - Forever 21 | Skirt: Uniqlo | Shoes: Sole Mate | Earrings: Accessorize | Necklace: Ziya
Michelle transformed! Doesn't she look like the girl on the flyer?
Here's the girl on the flyer:
Doesn't she and Michelle look alike?
The Lolane prettified me with the box that I've used.
I wish my hair was longer then maybe I'll look like this girl on their poster:
I think she's prettier than me though. Haha!
If you're curious to have your hair colored, I think this is just the perfect time for you to head to SM City San Lazaro's Lolane event! The event is there until May 1 so better hurry! I assure you that the travel and experience is going to be worth it so don't miss it!


  1. i love the hair color and our curls too! hihi have you tried using their hair treatment? it works great on my hair!

    can i grab some photos? :3

    1. We looked so different that day! I wasn't able to get your after look but you looked really great! Can't wait to try their hair treatment! Sure, just grab it! I can email you more. I have a lot of your photos. ;)


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