Tuesday, April 30, 2013

# Best Food Forward 2013 # Crunchy Belly by Carlo's Kitchen

Best Food Forward 2013 Finds

For the past years, I've always been to the Best Food Forward event in NBC Tent. What I like best about the Best Food Forward event is that I get to discover new food in the market. Since I love food, I'm always curious about the innovations people do with food.

Here are my discoveries:
Fuji Mama Takoyaki
I love takoyaki! They're bite size and fluffy. I love how Fuji Mama Takoyaki was full of vegetables. I love how the vegetables are tasty. One thing that got me wondering is why their takoyaki has no octopus while my fiance was very happy and satisfied eating their takoyaki since he's vegetarian for the month of April. I've bravely asked the question and I was told that they ran out of octopus but they've put in more veggies in our takoyaki to compensate which is good.
My order: Tamago Takoyaki
Crunchy belly by Carlo's Kitchen
I'm glad that this booth was giving free taste during the event or else, I wouldn't be buying their product. Carlo, the guy on the right who got cut off, was shy to be in the picture at first but when I clicked the camera, he just came in smiling. When I asked him to go to his right more for a better photo, he refused again. Haha! =D

Look at those yummy crunchy bellies!
At first look, I was already thinking on how sinful their product is. However, knowing that they're giving free taste, I was curious to try it and the rest is history! I bought a pack and started to munch this treat! It's like "chicharon" (Filipino Pork Rind) except it's not oily and it's a bit thicker than bacon. I think what's missing is only vinegar. It's quite a sad that they didn't provide vinegar but then it's still good and yummy!

One of my unforgettable booth is the Kewpie booth where they allow people to take a photo with Kewpie if you bought their product. For those who do not know Kewpie, it's the Japanese Mayo brand that has a baby character called Kewpie.
I think you might recognize this.
My fiance and I bought some Sesame Salad Dressing from the Kewpie booth so I asked my fiance to take a photo with Kewpie.

I think this year is the third year and fourth time of Best Food Forward. For this year, I've noticed that they have too many sweets and desserts that looked alike (since they're all in the same area) so I skipped all that and went to the unique salty sections instead. I hope that for their next event, they get to invite more salty food concessionaires and maybe mix the booths a little so that the sweets and desserts get noticed.

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