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Bridal Idea: White Gown

Choosing the right gown for my wedding is quite tedious. I have an idea of what cut and style I like but still, it's confusing once I make my research about finding the couturier who will make the perfect wedding gown for me. Since I'm quite on the meaty side, my first challenge is to find a designer who can make me look slim on my wedding day wearing the cut and style that I've always wanted. I have already started some dieting and gave myself time to exercise to make sure that I go back to my old body a few pounds ago but still I need to choose the right designer just in case my body won't cooperate with me.

My other challenge is to pick whether I want an off-the-rack dress or made-to-order dress. Up to this moment I'm still confused on what to choose.

There are so many good sides on getting an off-the-rack dress. First, what you see is what you get. There's only some alterations to be made like the length or adjustments on the curvy parts of the body. The second advantage I see is that I've heard a lot of designers give the gown a day before the wedding or worse, on the wedding day itself which is too risky! The not-so-good side of it is that chances are, someone who is getting married on the same day might be wearing the same dress! One has to hope that the wedding before or after you is not wearing the same dress. Also hope that the bride in the reception on the other side of the venue is not wearing the same dress. Anyway, I still managed to go in and check Rosa Clara which offers off-the-rack wedding dresses.

Just looking outside Rosa Clara's store in front of Greenbelt, any engaged lady will surely be tempted to go in. I did and I went in to check out what is in this store.

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There's just so many designs, colors and sizes to choose from. I did try into some dresses just to see how it feels to be in a wedding dress. Also, to see if the cut I've always wanted will look good on me. As soon as I've worn the cut of dress I've always wanted, part of me wants to take it home already but I was also thinking that the dress is quite plain since there's no beads or lace. It's just the cut and the layering of the cloth that styles it. I was told by the lady in Rosa Clara that beads and laces can be added to the dress to make it custom designed hence, my confusion if I'll be getting an off-the-rack dress or not.

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I've also heard a lot about Mi Sueno Bridal Boutique. I haven't been to the store but the designs of their dresses also look promising. I will also go to this place to check it out and widen my options before I decide for the one. Their dresses are Pronovias which are from Spain too where a lot of women are quite on the meaty side like me so I hope I'll be able to fit in one of their dresses.
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For made-to-order dress, I have four couturiers in mind. I've narrowed down my choices to these four because I've seen some of their designs that fits my style, I've heard so much about them and I've followed their careers for quite some time. Below are my four choices if I'm having my wedding dress made-to-order in no particular order:

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Cecilio Abad
He is a designer from Ormoc City, Leyte who never had a debut fashion show. Nonetheless, his works prove that he is indeed competitive in the fashion world. I like how he plays around with a cloth's texture and how most of the gowns he made has bead work only at the torso area so that the bottom is flowy yet majestic.

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Happy Andrada
She started out young in the fashion industry so most of her ideas are quite fresh and different. She loves fairy tales, princesses, anime and cute things that serves as her inspiration for her works which made me attracted to her works as well. Most of her works are simple but attention grabbing in their own artistic way.

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Veluz Reyes
She is a mother of 4, a wife and once a bride. Her years of life experience has equipped her with understanding how a bride feels. This serves as her inspiration which she executes creatively into her gown.

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Jerome Salaya Ang
He has been a part of Philippine Fashion Week for countless times. His every show is an unpredictable surprise however, there's a constant "wow" factor in his every creation.

I need only one dress and so I have to choose one from all these options which is very difficult. As of the moment, I haven't approached any couturier for an appointment to see which one can offer the best design for me and of course, a good package that fits the budget then decide which I really want. Right now, I just keep looking at all these dresses and imagine my dream wedding with the one I love most. ^_^

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