Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Miss World Philippines Gala Night

On the morning of June 19 (Tuesday), my boss sent me a text that I'm attending Miss World Philippines Gala Night. I have attended a lot of gala nights with my previous job but I've never expected that I'll be attending a pageant's gala night.

That night, I wasn't wearing a long gown since I wasn't prepared but I try to look confident with my get up since everything I'm wearing is from SM Ladies Fashion so I represented our products quite well.

LFMC Marketing Coordinator Carin Jimenez & Graphic Artist Miguel Castor
When the candidates strut on the catwalk with their evening wear, I can't help but look at their outfits aside from their faces. It's not just a fashion show but it's a show on deciding who is the best candidate who carried herself on the runway.

Looking at the candidates, I can't help but notice that not everyone is stick thin which is really good. Most are very healthy and somehow their curves made them stand out. There might be curves that are not in their proper places but then these curves are neglected because of the confidence of the bearer.

I hope that we have more pageants who get curvy women as contestants because it is the reality that most women are curvy yet they're very sexy.

The judging panel of the special awards consists of Taguig City's First Lady Kaye Tinga, ALV Talent Manager Arnold Vegafria, SM Ladies Fashion Management Corporation Vice President Charlene Yu-Banzal, Laguna Governor ER Ejercito and Beauty Queen Patty Betita.

Miss Friendship and Miss Laguna World were won by Miss Vanessa Amman of Cebu.

Miss Photogenic, Miss Philippines Prudential and Miss World Traveler awards were awarded to Miss Queenrich Rehman of Las Pinas City.

Most Talented Award went to both Miss Queenrich Rehman and Miss Maria Loraine Dione De Guzman.

Miss Manny O, Miss Coco CabaƱa and the Best in Fashion Runway awards went to Brenna Cassandra Gamboa of Batangas.

Who do you think will be the next Miss World Philippines? The pageant night will be on June 24, 2012, 6pm at the Manila Hotel Tent. I'll be going to the pageant night and I'm really quite excited to know who will win.

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