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# 2012 Mid-year Changes # Christ the King Greenmeadows

2012 Mid-year Changes

Just like that, it's already June and summer in the Philippines is officially over! It's been raining for almost everyday now. Somehow, I love the rain because of the cold weather it brings here in this tropical part of the world but then I miss the summer heat too with all the colorful outfits that I can wear.

As my title says, I had a lot of changes before this mid-year came. After more than three years, I left my job at BusinessWorld, one of the most prestigious business paper publication in the country today, on April 30 and moved to SM, the best company and the biggest tax payer of the country today, last May 16. From being in the print media industry to retail particularly ladies fashion may seem like a huge move. I must say it may seem like that on the outside but I've been handling and Highlife Magazine for the longest time and now I'm handling another item for ladies so I guess I came in prepared for my current position.

This is me in my new office.

Aside from my love for media, since I took Communication Arts in DLSU. I have also always loved fashion because it brings out the beauty and uniqueness of a person. I may not express it out loud a lot of times because of restrictions but deep inside, I crave for fashion much like window shopping and trying out clothes that I really like but couldn't buy but being able to fit them is fun. Just look at these clothes from SM Ladies' Wear:

Since I'm part of the SM Ladies Fashion Management Corporation, I was able to go to SM Ladies' Fashion Philippine Fashion Week show last May 23, 2012 and got the best seat (middle row together with the photographers) to take photos and do live updates for our Facebook fan page. I'll discuss more about the show on my next entry.

Last week, I've revealed my very first bridal idea. Yes, I'm getting married in one and a half year's time! Like a lot of brides-to-be, I'm excited, nervous and confused about planning my wedding. The very first thing that came to my mind when I started to plan for my wedding is the church.

There's actually just one and only church I've always loved in Metro Manila and that's Sanctuario de San Antonio which is my fiance's first choice as well. These are the two things I love about this church:

The altar is bright and majestic that it gives a romantic feel for the ceremony.
(Photo from
The wooden door gives the bride a moment  to inhale deeply and get ready before plunging into the marriage.
(Photo from
When my fiance called the church, they have asked us to go there personally for inquiry and reservation so we did. Upon reaching the church, I heard my heart beating really fast thinking this is it. When we reached to the office to ask on the availability of our wedding date, the lady in the office just said a big NO, they're not having any wedding on the date of our wedding. That's it and she didn't entertain us anymore. My heart immediately broke into pieces! It feels like this church just threw us out of their door. Up to this moment, I can still feel a tear rolling down my face because this church is not meant for me and my fiance.

The next church we went to is Christ the King Church in Greenmeadows. I've been inside this church for three times. The church is quite spacious and enclosed by glass making the church quite bright inside which gives a peaceful ambiance. The downside of this church as what my fiance said is the automatic glass door entrance which takes away the dramatic entrance and the aisle is not long which means the entourage and the bride must walk really slow to prolong the ceremony. The good side is, the church has a huge parking space. Also, it only has one wedding on a Sunday which means there's plenty of time to take photos after the ceremony!

The altar is quite simple but the statue of Jesus here
makes the couple getting married feel truly blessed to find each other.
(Photo from
My fiance and I went into their office to make inquiries. Unlike in Sanctuario de San Antonio, the lady here is quite friendly and answered each and every question we asked. The best part of our inquiry here is that it's available on our wedding date. Upon telling my fiance's mom about our inquiry with this church which she approved of, she has booked the church for us. This is it! Mission #1: Accomplished!

My hope is that we can do something about the automatic door entrance. The automatic glass doors still bug me.

Although the first half of 2012 seem to pass by real quick, just looking back made me feel there's so much things that have happened in my life. I feel happy and blessed with all the good things and changes happening and will be happening. God has been truly good to me! Cheers to the next half of the year!

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