Monday, June 4, 2012

# Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 # SM Girls' Teens Wear

SM Ladies Fashion's Philippine Fashion Week 2012 Show

It's my first ever time to attend the Philippine Fashion Week as part of the organizing team. It certainly feels different since I'm not lining up outside the venue, I'm comfortably seated inside the venue without any people and just waiting for the show to happen.

As part of the digital team, I was tasked to give out live updates to SM Ladies Fashion fans on Facebook. It's my first time to give out live updates and I felt like a court side reporter who needs to give up-to-the-minute updates which seems quite difficult because of the internet reception and uploading of photos to the computer however, I was able to do so successfully!

The good thing about this is that whenever I spot a VIP and ask him or her to pose for me, he or she is willingly to pose without batting an eyelash.

Early lovebirds Victor Basa and Divine Lee who were the 1st who came to the show.
The pretty Sarah Meier who sat behind me and had a chat with me after the show.
Fashion designer Kate Torralba who I caught after the show.
Preview Magazine Fashion Editor Daryl Chang who was already on her way out and I've stopped her for a pose.
The show started promptly at 7:30pm which made me feel that it's going to be a good show. The show was jump-started by the new collections of Parisians. It revealed heels, heels and more heels are the in thing this year. Even though a lot of women love the comfy flats but gorgeousness in heels is the hot trend! Well, there are comfy heels around which one has to dig around to discover.

The mysterious intro
Fierce red heels that makes any woman scourging hot! Good luck, boys!
The nude heels perfect for a warm sunny day.
The glass slipper that makes Cinderella a princess!
The night out heels perfect for well-manicured feet.
The main highlight of the show is of course the very colorful clothes that's perfect for this tropical country. Whether the weather is hot or rainy, these colors will surely put a smile on any woman's face.

The most unforgettable part of the show is when the 5 of the most popular fashion bloggers showed up! Everyone was alive, clapping and enjoying the fame these ladies were getting. Somehow this event made people feel that fashion is for everyone even the normal people like these 5 ladies get to enjoy them!

Camille Co
Patricia Prieto
Alyssa Lapid
Lissa Kahayon
Laureen Uy
These ladies made a very big and surprising impact in the fashion industry today just like the way they surprised the audiences during the show. This part tells everyone that even though you're not a celebrity or a socialite, you can still be fashionable!

The night did not end when the show ended. Guests were still staying at the cocktail area enjoying their drinks and chatting the night away about the fabulous show!

Beauty Queen Melanie Marquez
ABS-CBN Senior Reporter Mario Dumawal
The bar filled up with more drinks to celebrate the night away.
LFMC Ad & Promo Manager Pat Jocson with her friends
The best part of the show for me is being able to sit at the middle of everything. I was seated in front of the media taking photos. I was on the second row though but I was beside the videographer who kept calling me to take photos if he sees something nice.

For more details of the show, just check out SM Ladies Fashion and SM GTW on Facebook. To watch the whole show, check SM GTW's website.

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