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Jump Over the Moon

"Leap of faith, leap of faith, leap of faith, leap of faith" kept singing in my head after I've watched Rent, The Musical for the second time last night. Even though it's my second time, it still landed on a good spot in my head!

The freedom wall during February's Rent

Last February, 9Works Theatrical staged this at Carlos P. Romulo Theater in RCBC Plaza where I've watched for the first time. I was totally ready on what to expect with the play since I've read the summary and did a little research. My jaw dropped upon seeing Angel Dummott Schunard(played by Job Bautista) jumped up and down on the table with his heels! The next shock I had was when Tom Collins (played by OJ Mariano) and Angel kissed on stage. When Joanne Jefferson (played by Jenny Villegas) and Maureen Johnson (played by Carla Guevarra-Laforteza) kissed, it was another "woah" moment. They're such good actors and actresses that it was like it's so natural for them. Kudos to that! I also cried at the moment where Angel died. The tears which OJ shed knocked on my heart.

The cast of Rent, The Musical last February 2010 with the big stage.

This December, Rent, The Musical will be staged again but this time at a smaller venue - Cinema 2 of the Power Plant Mall - for a limited run of performances to celebrate Power Plant Cinema's 10th Anniversary until December 12, 2010. Even though the venue this time is smaller and there's new additions and changes in the cast, the energy and power of the play remains. I was looking forward for Angel's dancing stint "Today for you, tomorrow for me!" which still made my jaw drop but I think he jumped more the last time. There were some changes in the set (which is smaller, of course!), the blocking and the actions however, the show is remains spectacular! Viva La Vie Boheme!

The casts of Rent, The Musical (The Repeat). Notice the smaller stage and set?

The artists who will reprise their roles for this special production are singer/TV host Gian Magdangal (as Roger Davis), Fredison Lo (as Mark Cohen), OJ Mariano (as Tom Collins), Job Bautista (as Angel Dummott Schunard) and Jenny Villegas (as Joanne Jefferson). The rest of the returning ensemble is composed of Gary Junsay, Harold Cruz, Johann de la Fuente, Mark Tayag and Peachy Atilano.

This show is still directed by Robbie Guevara.

New members of the cast are Lorenz Martinez (as Benjamin Coffin III), Amparo Sietereales(as Mimi. She originated during a previous production of Rent in Manila several years back.), Sheree Bautista (as Mimi, Gian Magdangal’s real-life lady love that makes Gian feel all the more challenged because they're kissing in front of everyone when they usually do it in private.), Mian Dimacali (as Maureen Johnson), Sab Jose and Pam Imperial also join as part of the ensemble.

Other members of the artistic team are: Ricky Villante, musical director – band; Onyl Torres, musical director – vocals; Mio Infante, scenographer; Martin Esteva, Lighting Designer; Chuck Ledesma, sound designer; Bek Soriano, costume stylist; and Francis Matheu for additional choreography.

Production team is composed of the following: Santi Santamaria, executive producer; Anna Santamaria, company manager; Toff de Venecia, Marketing & PR Director and Production Manager; Paul Domine, Technical Director; Arma Bonilla, stage manager; Toots Tolentino, PR Consultant; Jonjon Martin, PR Manager; Shelyn Tayanes, Marketing Manager; Campaigns & Grey, PR Agency.

I won't say anything more about the show for it will become a spoiler. Just go watch it! It's worth your every cent! For tickets, get it from the Power Plant Cinema ticket booth or call 8981440 to 41 or 0908-8692988.

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