Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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The Power of 3D

The 3D craze started with one of the biggest mall in Asia having an IMAX theater here in the Philippines. I even remember that the first film being shown in IMAX was Superman Returns back in 2006. I was one of those who got curious on what will a whole feature film in 3D would look like. While watching the film, I fell in love with 3D immediately and I believe so does the hundreds or maybe thousands of people who have watched in that theater. It's been four years since the first 3D theater in the Philippines that it's a must for theaters to have a 3D cinema since this is what the Filipino moviegoers are now asking for!

Today, Eastwood Mall opened its very first 3D cinema which according to them, is equipped with the Christie Solaria CP2230 Digital Cinema Projector - the brightest digital cinema projector in the Christie Solaria series. Residents of the Eastwood Mall area can now enjoy 3D films without going to other malls far away from their area.

To launch the opening of Eastwood Mall's 3D Cinema, an advance screening of Shrek Forever After was viewed by the invited guests. One of the invited guests to the launch is actress Kris Aquino who brought Joshua and Baby James. The moment she stepped in the entrance of the 3D Cinema, she felt amazed at how cozy the lobby of the cinema is. For me, I felt very lucky to be invited and to be one of the first to experience the new 3D cinema of the Eastwood Mall. The 3D glasses were still sealed inside their plastics and I'm the one who ripped it off to be the first to use it! The 3D glasses fitted perfectly even though I'm wearing my eyeglasses which I really appreciate. I also felt the crisp quality of the projector. The projected images are quite different to the other 3D theaters that I've been to. The cinema has a capacity of 215 seats. Each cushioned seat is flexible enough for viewers to lay back a little and relax. This also helps those in the front row to look up without stressing their neck and back. Tickets to the 3D cinema will be sold at PhP350 which comes with a tumbler of popcorn and drink.

I find Shrek Forever After being the first film played in this theater perfect for the launch since the whole film is in 3D and it is an animation. The details of each curve, line and movement of the animation can be appreciated more in 3D. Even the beautiful round black eyes of Puss in Boots begging is a lot funnier and cute with the power of 3D! Little kids watching with their parents react more to the actions of the characters on the film because of the vicarious experience a 3D film gives them. It is truly a remarkable experience for both kids and adults to watch 3D films!

Special Guests for the launch are Kris Aquino, Baby James and Josh.

Here's Kris being interviewed.

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