Friday, February 12, 2010

# 2nd Market-Driving Strategy Forum # Mansmith and Fielders

A Mind Blowing Afternoon with the Three Marketing Masters

Three of the best speakers in the Philippines was in one room in one afternoon last Feb. 10, 2010. Mr. Francis Kong, Dr. Ned Roberto and Mr. Josiah Go presented in the 2nd Market-Driving Strategy Forum: The Innovation Imperative at the ballroom of Hotel Intercontinental Makati.


I have heard about Mr. Kong before from a lot of people on how he can inspire one to work on his or her idea. His talk was full of examples and case studies on how an idea started and on how the idea developed into reality which became the start of success. Even though there were technical terms and a lot of theories in the talk, he successfully made the talk interesting with jokes here and there which caught everyone's attention.

Mr. Francis Kong saying,

"You can pay me to talk but you can never pay me enough to shut up."

It's my second time to hear Dr. Ned speak. I love how he presented the new innovations that have happened recently like San Marino corned tuna and Dona Maria Jasponica Brown Jasmin Rice. His case studies of these two new innovations which have became a huge hit recently was very helpful in giving me insights on what else I can do to innovate the brands I'm handling. Unfortunately, this is Dr. Ned's last forum with Mansmith and Fielders. He will be retiring and enjoy his life with his family. Well, I would like to congratulate him for a job well done! He's truly one of the best. In his talks, he always make fun of how his English don't have a twang since he's from De La Salle University and not from "the" Ateneo however, I think that he has proven himself as someone truly smart and successful even he's from De La Salle University. I believe no matter what university someone goes to, what is important is not the English twang but what achievements one has accomplished. Dr. Ned, thank you so much for all these knowledge you have imparted us. Good luck with retirement and enjoy because you deserve it!

Dr. Ned Roberto

The last speaker Mr. Josiah Go is one of my idols. He has re-opened my mind again with the ideas floating around my head since I was in high school. Like a kid, I have lots and lots of creative ideas which sometimes keep me up at night. It's my third time to hear him talk about marketing innovation and what to look out for before venturing into a business. He said that ideas are very addicting but one should look at all angles before pushing through which is very true. For those who plan on having their own businesses in the future or for those who have their own business now, I recommend you to attend one of Mr. Go's seminars first to give you more insight on what to watch out for which will help make your business succeed or become better.

Mr. Josiah Go

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