Monday, February 8, 2010

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Barcino Greenbelt 2 Opens

A regular day becomes festive with all the colorful barrels that one can see outside the new Barcino at Greenbelt 2. Like its other previous branches in The Fort and Greenbelt 5, this new branch also has the same old world wooden design which transports one to a tapa bar in Spain without getting on a plane.

The cozy ambiance inside the place makes it a perfect place for group of friends to chat, drink and kill time. My favorite spot in this branch is the wine room which displays the different wines with a long table and bench where group of friends can be very noisy catching up without worrying on disturbing other people.

Like its other branches, the choices of wine in this branch is as amazing. The wine rack beside the entrance looks like a library of wines waiting to be discovered! The barrels used as table top give mystery of where those came from and maybe one can have a taste of where those wines have gone to.

As the night goes deeper, more guests come in and join the festivities. I notice that it's actually not the opening of Barcino they're celebrating about but the wonderful wines and good food that Barcino offers.

I especially love their sole fish wraps with alfafa sprouts which tastes fantastic with the Cavas Villarnau Brut! The sweet flavor of the fish comes out after one sip. The other food that were served throughout the night are also yummy!

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