Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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Having a Tiring Week? Time to Unwind at "After All Bar & Grill"

In the commercial jungle of Makati filled with offices, traffic and crowded streets, a regular day feels long and tiring especially if you're trying to beat a deadline in the office. Even though it's not a Friday night, there are times that you would just want a drink or two with honest to goodness quality comfort food. Here's where "After All Bar & Grill" at the Ground Floor of Jazz Mall (located in Nicanor Garcia, Makati) comes in.

The restaurant is created by a group of friends who aims to relax its customers after all the hardships and difficulties they've faced to just let loose and unwind. With amazing drinks, no judgement on how stressed you may look like, their servers will greet you with a big smile, may even remember your name and make you forget every stress that leaves you with nothing but enjoyment.

The Drinks
Long Island
Calibre - "After All Bar & Grill's" version of a Cuba Libre
Pompoms - the fruity goodness of buko & melon with a delighting alcoholic twist
Apple Yuki Matsuri: Inspired by Japan's Sapporo Snow Festival, this apple slushie drink is sweet, juicy and smooth.
After Sunset: a delicious citrusy drink that clears the mind and inspires the soul.
Honey Dew Mojito: A calamansi minty mojito blended with honey dew and alcoholic sweetness that leaves the tongue appetized and ready to eat.
Kara Java Daiquiri: coffee based liqueur that's awakening and yet gives you a feeling of zen at the same time. It's like realizing everything is going to be okay.
Every night from 7pm, there are different genres of music played by bands who are good and ready to make you feel refreshed, ready to sleep and face the next day.

The Food
Romanian Devilled Squid: lovely & soft squid that is good with a bowl of warm rice and a cold drink.
Crispy Pata: as the name says, it's crispy pork leg which is a popular Filipino delicacy for celebrations.
Saikoro Steak
Tuna Salpicao: very good with rice too!!! I could eat this all day. 😁
Seafood Teppanyaki
Waikiki Ribs
When I was there, I met two of the owners who told me that there are times they have stage actors or actresses who have day jobs that sings with the bands to unwind which they allow and makes the night even more magical. Well, even if you're not a stage actor or actress, you're actually free to request if you can sing with the band, as long as they can play the song, why not? You might meet a few new friends after all the wonderful jamming!

"After All Bar & Grill" is open from 10am - 11pm. Despite being a great night spot, it's a nice quiet spot during lunch time that's great for meetings. Check out their lunch menu as well that's very affordable and good too.
This Sweet & Sour Fish Lunch Set is less than P300 which comes with soup and a drink! Can you believe it? 😊
For reservations to ensure your seats (it gets pretty full on meal times), call (02)816-3652.

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