Thursday, June 8, 2017

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Road Trip Discovery: Kitty Cafe

A few months ago, my family attended an art exhibit by a very good friend in Angeles, Pampanga. On our way home, a cute familiar kitty caught our eye.

"Kitty Cafe" is beside McDonald's at Barangay Sta. Rosario! Where would you go? Of course, at "K
Since my Lil Dumpling is a huge fan of Hello Kitty ever since she was a year old, it was obvious that we needed to check this place out. Because this visit is for Lil Dumpling, presenting her meet and greet session with Hello Kitty!
I still remember clearly the day I've discovered she loved Hello Kitty even if we don't buy her character items. We were walking on the street when she was a year old and she saw a Hello Kitty sticker on the floor. She pointed that it's a cat and wanted to get it. I did not allow her to touch it because it's dirty but she kept insisting the whole time to the point of asking me again if she can get it even if we were afar.
A Panoramic Shot from the Entrance
This place is definitely a dream come true for every little girl who loves Hello Kitty. All around the place is tickled pink with paintings of Hello Kitty with her boyfriend Hello Daniel. There are also quotes from Hello Kitty's cartoon show which made the place even lovelier!

Each table top has its own Hello Kitty napkin holder.
Look at all those tables with the cute napkin holder!
On sale are some Hello Kitty items which guests can purchase and bring home as souvenir. The items are pretty pricey so I'm guessing they might be original items.
Here are the bathroom doors with Hello Kitty & Hello Daniel.
The meals on their menu is a mixture of Korean, Filipino & American cuisine with coffee, milkshakes and cupcakes. The cupcakes are just a little too cute to eat!
So what did I get?
Korean Mandu
Real Chicken Nuggets with Honey Butter French Fries
Chocolate Milk Shake
The whole place feels like it transported you to Hello Kitty land in Japan not just because of its decors but their TV plays Hello Kitty series continuously.
Actually I was yayaless during this trip and I only had The Hubby to help me out with Lil Dumpling but it was so much fulfillment to see how happy Lil Dumpling was that her parents are with her in her dream Hello Kitty world!
This is my haggard-but-happy look! Haha! #yayaless
Overall, I think this place deserves a visit when you go to Angeles, Pampanga. There are just so many corners where you can have your OOTDs. As you can see from all the panoramic shots, even for non-Hello Kitty fans, you'll feel the fun wholesome vibe of the place that lures you in to hang out and feel like a little girl again!

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