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More than Empanada at Fariñas Ilocos Empanada

Fariñas Ilocos Empanada started as a small stall in Visayas Avenue on December 2011 (almost 6 years ago) selling only 4 kinds of empanada for take out. The 4 kinds of empanada namely Ordinary (vegetables & egg), Special (vegetables, egg and 1 longganisa), Extra Special (vegetables, egg and 2 longganisa) and Super Special (vegetables, 2 eggs and 2 longganisa). A few months after, they added the Ultimate Empanada (vegetables, egg, longganisa and bagnet) and an option of extra cheese to be added on empanada orders.
Special Empanada
Vegetables, egg & 1 longganisa inside an orange crispy shell. The orange crispy shell is made out of sticky rice powder mixed with atsuete oil giving it the orange color. The vegetables are a mixture of mung beans and cabbage.
A bite into the crispy shell, the steam of longganisa, vegetables & egg can lure you to keep biting for more.
It's amazing on how just after a year, the take out stall has become a small restaurant offering dishes like pinakbet, longganisa meal and bagnet meal.

Now, Fariñas Ilocos Empanada has 16 stores all over Metro Manila, Batangas and Cavite with more dishes into their menu like Pansit Bagnet, Poqui-poqui and other authentic Ilocos fares to enjoy.

Pansit Bagnet
Sauteed miki with vegetables and shredded chicken meat topped with bagnet, chicharon and egg.
Noodles with lots of sauce, egg like flavor and a little crunch!
What's more amazing is that they're adding new dishes for us to crave for! With the salted egg craze invading the country, these crazy inventions were born:

Salted Egg Pansit Bagnet
Flavorful crispy bagnet slices covered with salted egg bits & powder on top of sauteed miki noodles with vegetables and minced chicken.

Salted Egg Bagnet with Toasted Garlic
No non-sense toasted garlic and chopped chili with salted egg dusted bagnet slices that's good when drenched in vinegar. Just add rice and you're in salted egg meat lovers' heaven!

But that's not all! Coming into the menu is this Bilao Fiesta Meal which comprises of Laoag longganisa, salted egg and tomatoes on top of steaming white rice that's good for 6! The platter is good for a quick family lunch or dinner, a birthday blowout to friends in the office or even for group studies at a classmate's house! Who can go wrong with having those meaty, garlicky and salty longganisa which you can dash with Ilocos vinegar?
For pica-pica, also known as something to munch while drinking (alcoholic drinks) with friends or just something to chew on while waiting for the main course, this crispy Boneless Dilis can do the trick! Don't forget to dunk it in vinegar before biting into it.
To look for the branch nearest you, just go to their Facebook page ( or Instagram: @farinasilocosempanada for details. Another bonus for you guys, they have branches that are open 24 hours. Isn't that wonderful for a bagnet or Ilocos longganisa fix? :P

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