Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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Going Bagel Loco

I clearly remember the first time I wanted to have bagels so badly in my life was way back when I was an avid viewer & fan of "The OC."
If you've watched "The OC," the Cohen family eats bagel every breakfast! So the fan in me wanted to look for a good bagel in town to be able to have it too and feel like a part of the Cohen family!
The Cohens having a breakfast discussion. Look at the BAGELS!
When I heard about LES Bagels opening in Podium, it was like what I dreamt of in the past will be coming true! I felt that I can finally be a part of the Cohens! LOL.
Front to back: Sesame, Pumpernickel and Whole Wheat Bagels
LES Bagels actually means Lower East Side Bagels. The type of bagels that they make is New York style bagels. I know you'll probably think that it's not in California but who cares?! I get to be a Cohen! Without thinking further, I took the opportunity to try these plump and attractive looking bagels asking me to come take a bite!
The bagel selections
The best way to have a bagel is have it cut in half and spread generous amount of cream cheese goodness! What amazed me in LES Bagels is their different choices of cream cheese that look, smell and sound so good which have put me in the spot on which flavor to try! They have the must-have plain cream cheese, savory flavored and sweet dessert type cream cheeses. So which of these do you think I've tried?

To end my agony (more of my gluttony!), I tried them all!
Yes, I did! With 3 bagels at hand and 13 different flavors of cream cheeses!
Every bite of bagel transported me to "The OC" heaven and brought back the wonderful memories of The Cohens with the song "California"by Phantom Planet playing in my mind! 
This was the way I ate my bagels! I had them split into half and 4 servings to be able to try all the cream cheeses!
Look at how beautiful they look and the creamy texture of the cream cheeses!
Out of all the bagels with cream cheese that I had, here are my recommended pairings: (in random order)
1. Sesame Bagel with LOX (salmon and lemon mixed in cream cheese)
2. Sesame Bagel with Scallions
3. Pumpernickel, which is on a bitter but flavorful side, with Sundried Tomato and Olive -- my favorite pairing!
4. Whole Wheat Bagel with Apple Cinnamon -- It's like having an apple pie but even better!
5. Pumpernickel with Garlic and Chives

Aside from bagels and different flavored cream cheeses, LES Bagels also offers sandwiches, salads and pastries.
Another must try which I couldn't stop myself from getting is their HOMEMADE OREO!
LES Bagels's Homemade Oreo - chocolatey goodness with lots of cream filling!
For those who are as crazy as I was in watching "The OC," I'm sure this melodramatic with a mixture of comedy series have touched you in a way or two with the crazy twisted life of Ryan Atwood and Seth Cohen. Maybe the series has influenced you to love indie music especially songs from Death Cab For Cutie which Seth Cohen loves so much! And maybe like me, YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF THE COHENS by having a bagel. So this is your chance! Head over to LES Bagels at The Podium in Ortigas to make that dream come alive!
The menu board

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