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Yabu's Summer SEAson Offerings

I've always loved Yabu for its thick tonkatsu that is juicy in every bite which is perfect for its unli-rice and salad. Before I try the new offerings of Yabu for the summer SEAson, I can't help but order its Mozarella Katsu Sticks as my appetizer!

If I can eat cheese everyday, I would! That's how crazy I am with cheese so I just have to get this!
Mozzarella Katsu Sticks
Crunchy outside but soft and silky inside! That's how wonderful these Mozzarella Katsu Sticks are! It's served with Yabu's special aioli but I don't need any of the sauce. These sticks are yummy on its own!

Now for busy city workers who can't get their dose of vitamin sea this summer, better head out and try the new Yabu Summer SEAson offerings! Delicious seafood dishes which can let you feel like you're beside the sea enjoying the freshest catch of the day.

Crispy battered shrimps glazed with Yabu's special aioli with crunchy furikake chips is what makes up this delightfully crunchy, sweet and savory Crispy Ebi Aioli. The shrimps are fried perfectly with crunchy coating but tender & juicy inside. The glaze is so good that I wasn't able to stop myself to eat a part of its shell near its tail. That's some extra calcium for me!

Crispy Ebi Aioli
It's a battle of meats in this next dish where Yabu's Hire Katsu is placed beside its Oyster Katsu. Well, the good thing about the Hire & Oyster Katsu Set is that you don't need to side with any of the meats since both are on your plate. However, if you're with somebody and you're getting this, I suggest to attack on the Oyster Katsu first! The Oyster Katsu is one of my favorites in Yabu where its cream-colored meat is "al dente" with bold flavored and juicy enough to tempt you for a next bite.

This set is served with a creamy white katsu sauce and a ponzu sauce. It's up to you which sauce you'd like for the katsu but personally, I like the salty & tangy ponzu sauce!

Hire & Oyster Katsu Set
For those who love katsu but would like to have it light and less fatty, an alternative to the regular tonkotsu is this Ebi Patty Set. It's crunchy shrimp katsu served with Yabu's special aioli and a ponzu sauce so you can choose which suits your taste. For the Ebi Patty, I chose the special aioli which is the same special aioli that I liked with the Crispy Ebi Aioli which is on the sweeter note!

Ebi Patty Set
The last of Yabu's summer SEAson offerings is a full upgrade from its famous Kurobota. If you're familiar with the Japanese Kobe beef, Kurobota is the "Kobe beef" of pork in Japan! Hire Kurobota is from the Black Berkshire pig whose meat is very tender and served with sweet & tangy Karashi tonkotsu sauce. Instead of the regular tonkotsu sauce, the Karashi sauce served here is a lighter version so that you can taste the full flavor of the pork. If you'd like to know the difference of this Hire Kurobota and the regular Kurobota, this dish is the lean version of the regular Kurobota. Good for those who cannot say no to meat but would like to shed some weight this summer SEAson! I also love the pillow-like texture in every bite of this dish!
Hire Kurobota
Out of the four Summer SEAson Offerings, I have a feeling that the Crispy Ebi Aioli is something ladies will enjoy without the guilt! Paired with an order of watermelon shake and a serving of miso soup, it's a light, fun and perfect summer meal!
Crispy Ebi Aioli with watermelon shake and miso soup.
For the sweet finale, I had the Chocolate Lava Cake which is very moist and oozing with chocolate goodness! It's the best ending to a superb meal! Also, since it's quite a hot summer, this hot treat is served with vanilla ice cream which gives a cool ending to every bite.

Chocolate Lava Cake
The cookie bits on the side are buttery and delish! It feels like having cookies and cream with a serving of chocolate cake with chocolate ooze. Simply, wow!

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