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Bespoke Meals by Chef Eric Weidmann

Sage Bespoke Grill presents a new a la carte menu of innovative dishes by its new Chef de Cuisine Eric Weidmann. The menu is available for lunch & dinner.

It's actually my first time at Sage Bespoke Grill so I was in awe with how tasteful the interiors are. I loved the lights whose fibers can be seen. I'm not sure what these lightbulbs are called but looking at them awakens the senses that something exciting is coming up!

For starters, we were served personal size warm baguettes that is very crispy on the outside but easy to bite and soft in the inside with butter, tapenade and marinara spreads.


Ceviche Scallops
Thinly sliced scallops that has the enough firmness texture in every bite smothered in lemon juice and basil oil with sundried tomato, capers and pine nuts. This is quite a treat! It signals a start of a good meal that is to come!

Smoked salmon, boiled quail egg, basil oil, onions, tobiko and spring onions on top of a warm & soft Belgian waffle. I love how the components mixed well together. It's salty and sweet in every bite. My personal recommendation: Request for maple syrup, put a little drizzle on top, it's fantastic!

Josper Appetizers
Appetizers that was cooked in a Josper Grill. According to Chef Eric, the Josper Grill is quite difficult to handle but gives food that cooked in it a whole new bold flavor. The grill has a higher temperature which makes grilling fast but preserves more flavor than the regular grill.

Grilled Bacon
Bacon slab smothered with garlic, parsley, red vinaigrette, lemon, onion and sun-dried tomato. The sourness of the toppings, complemented the soft and smokey taste of the pork!

Bone Marrow

The bone marrow is cooked 3 ways. The top bone marrow has bread crumbs that gives it an extra crunch, the left bone marrow is cooked in green peppercorn sauce and the right one is good old plain bone marrow. I'm not a fan of bone marrow but I was brave enough to try this. I would say that I loved the bone marrow cooked in green peppercorn mixed with the green salad on the side. The bone marrow gives an aromatic beef taste which complements the greens! Sinful yet it's a must-try!


Iceberg Lettuce Salad
This is my first time to be served salad as raw looking as this. The iceberg lettuce is chopped but not disassembled and topped with sour cream, bacon bits, blue cheese, tomatoes, onions, spring onions and candied nuts. I love how it looks so organized and easy to cut (and eat too!). The dressing just goes through all the space between the leaves making each leaf flavorful.

Chef's Specials

Pork Short Ribs
Glazed Iberico pork short ribs that's full of flavor, fall of the bone meat which melts in your mouth. You'll definitely forget your name when eating this. It's just rib perfection!

Lobster Roll
My love for seafood has made me look forward for this dish during our lunch! As described in the menu, it's made with Boston lobster, celery, mayonnaise and topped with spring onions. The lobster is cooked perfectly soft & chewy at the same time blended in a sweet and salty sauce that's put in sweet bread. The best part of this dish is the bread which is soft with a clean bite (no crumbs!) but toasted just right and very absorbent with the sauce from the lobster! A very well thought combination! No doubt, this has become my favorite dish served! Will definitely come back to have this as a snack!

Josper Grill Specials

Australian Wagyu
Chateaubriand steak served with grilled garlic and gravy. It's my personal preference not to put gravy on steak. I like it by itself with salt and pepper to be able to taste the flavor of the meat. Since this is the tenderloin part, it is very soft but needs a little garlic spread to give it a bit of flavor.

US Certified Angus Beef
A bone-in ribeye steak! Also known as the small tomahawk. Has a little fat marbling that gives the steak its rich flavor! The steak is also served with gravy and grilled garlic but I did not use them. The steak itself with a little salt and pepper is good already.

Dry Aged Beef
Aged bone-in striploin steak. For me, this is the best out of the 3 steaks that were served! Even though it's served with gravy and garlic, there's no need for these since the meat is already very much flavorful from the aging process. The meat melts in your mouth that makes chewing effortlessly. Surprisingly light but very filling!

Signature Side Dishes
These are the side dishes that comes with every order of steak. Please note that the side dishes below are big for photo purposes. They're really served in personal portions just enough for one serving.

Bourbon Creamed Corn
Sweet, creamy and juicy yellow corn kernels that relaxes the tongue after a bite of stimulating steak!

Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Peas
A different twist of the usual comfort food. The burnt parmesan cheese on top is actually the best part of this dish! It gives the pasta a salty, cheesy and smokey flavor with a little crunch!

Pan-roasted Vegetables from The Market
The natural crunch and flavor of the vegetables are well preserved! Surprisingly, this is my top pick for side dishes! I hate carrots but ate the carrots here because they're cute! (Yes, it's true! Haha!) I was put into a gastronomic treat by the crunch and sweetness of the carrots! If I can have this daily, I will!

Twice Baked Potato with Bacon and Spring Onions
I was so full that I almost skipped this until my friend said that it's so good that it brings you to potato heaven! What, potato heaven?! I had a spoonful of this baked potato that has a smooth mashed potato texture with cheese and a touch of sour cream. Voila! It's an explosion of potato goodness! I regret a bit that I didn't get to eat this first and got full with the other food servings. Definitely in the must eat in Sage list!

Best part of any good meal! Agree?

Traditional Warm Tarte Tatin
Classic apple turnover with vanilla ice cream! It tastes as good as it looks. Must eat this right away if you don't want your ice cream to melt. A hot and cold treat to end a wonderful meal!

Chocolate Sphere
It's a show and meal in one! My favorite out of all the desserts! Pour in hot chocolate over chocolate over chocolate!
See what I mean? Yummy goodness of chocolate in all levels!

Caramelized Pineapple Crumble
Pineapple crumble flavored with star anise and vanilla ice cream on a side! When I saw that this dish is flavored with star anise, I was really interested on how it'll taste like! My mom usually puts star anise on meat dishes but with something sweet, I was keen on how it'll be. Apparently, it's very good. The star anise covered the acidity of the pineapple and boosted its sweet taste. Good pairing!

Meet Chef Eric Weidmann, the one responsible for all these dishes to create a bespoke meal! He is French but born in Spain with a last name sounding like German Weidmann (pronounced as Veidmann). Chef Eric said that he started cooking at age 7 and has never stopped cooking ever since!
Joyfullyurs with Chef Eric Weidmann
All the glorious food featured above was personally hand crafted by Chef Eric. Come and visit Sage Bespoke Grill located at Level 2, Makati Shangri-La, Manila to have a taste on any of these dishes!


  1. Yum! The food looks delicious. I am craving for those desserts. Simply amazing! Thanks for this post. I will be hosting a party quite soon at one of popular and iconic Chicago venues. Thinking to have Mexican catering service for party.

    1. Hi Mackyton! They are as yummy as they look! Glad you like the post. Good luck to your party! :)


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