Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Memories of a Heavenly Lasagna

After months of inactivity, oh yes, I'm back again! A lot of wonderful things has happened over the months and I will update bits and pieces of those months like flashbacks you see in movies.

Let me first start my first 2014 post with one of the things I love most: Food!

What enters your mind when you hear the word lasagna? Is it the meat, the sauce, the cheese, the layers of soft melts-in-your-mouth pasta or the festivities that you celebrate while eating it?

I consider myself very lucky to be able to try this homemade lasagna which is not only meaty, filled with sauce, cheesy, creamy with layers of soft melts-in-your-mouth pasta but it's also highly addictive!

Bhest Lasagna is made fresh by Mommy Bhe for pick-up or delivery to anyone who orders it to ensure the best quality lasagna and of course, ready to be devoured! 

Mommy Bhe presenting her freshly made Bhest Lasagna.
Curious with why this lasagna tastes so heavenly, Mommy Bhe proudly answers, "Bhest Lasagna is made from the heart. It is what I make for my children and family on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas and family gatherings that I share to my clients." She also attests that she doesn't scrimp on the ingredients.

Mommy Bhe and her family who helps her cook and sell her lasagna.
They are also the lucky bunch who have eaten Mommy Bhe's heavenly lasagna for years!
As I dig in to my piece of Bhest Lasagna, I saw what Mommy Bhe meant. I can see the richness of each layer filled with meat, sauce, cheese and mushroom. The generous amount of what comes in a slice is very filling yet it's so yummy that it's difficult not to have more!

Bhest Lasagna becomes more heavenly when paired with their sweet and salty Garlic Bread.

A box of garlic bread is at affordable price of PhP100 for 24 pieces!

For those health conscious people, Bhest Lasagna also comes in chicken variant that is made with a light cream sauce. It's also delightful in every bite but less sinful!
A medium pan (serves 8 pax) of Bhest Lasagna Chicken Variant.
Here are ways on how to order:
By phone, just call or text 09156126891 or 09255160729.
By Facebook, just click here: Bhe'st Lasagna
By Instagram, just click here: @bhestlasagna
Payment can be made at BPI, BDO, Western Union, LBC or Cebuana Lhullier.
Orders are placed 3 days in advance. 

Bhest Lasagna also comes in different sizes:

Extra Small Pan serves 2-3 pax at PhP300. The size is good for a personal lunch or dinner and also as giveaway during holidays.
Extra Small Pan
Small Pan serves 4-6 pax at PhP500. The size is good for a family meal time.
Small Pan
Medium Pan serves 8 pax at PhP750. It's good for a small party or get together.
Medium Pan
Large Pan serves 12 pax at PhP1,000 and X-Large Pan serves 20 pax at P1,800.
You can also order extra cheese sauce at PhP50 for added creamy cheesy goodness that oozes in your mouth in every bite!

Bhest Lasagna is also good to pair with Mango Shake or Iced Mocha in this hot summer weather!
Note: Mango Shake and Iced Mocha by Cafe Belle in West Avenue, QC.

Here are more mouthwatering photos to tickle your senses.
Bhest Lasagna Chicken Variant VS Bhest Lasagna Beef Variant
Which one do you like more?
(L-R) Enzo of, Joyfully Yours, Mommy Bhe, Jeman of, Omar of, FPJ of and Gab of


  1. Yes! I agree. By far, the best tasting lasagna i've ever had. So meaty and so creamy. My comfort food.

    1. Thank you, mapleoven for agreeing with me! It is really one of the best comfort food ever! Just by looking at the photos and thinking of Bhest Lasagna is enough to make me drool and crave for more! :)


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