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A Hidden Gem: Orange Whisk Restaurant & Patisserie

On our way to attend a wedding, my fiance and I were driving around Betterliving Subdivision in Paranaque when we got lost even with Google Maps on our phone! All the directions keep leading us to dead ends in the middle of residences. With hungry tummies, we were searching on a place to have lunch when our car passed Michael Rua Street and saw this small restaurant which says it is "Home of the Best Chewy Buns!"
That's the reflection of me and fiance.
Without a second thought, we parked the car and went down to check out this orange, white and black place! Inside the restaurant, there were no customers but we didn't care because we were starving! We went in and saw a board which has their menu of hot meals written on it.
The hand-written Off-the-Menu specials
Since my fiance and I were both hungry, without thinking, we ordered their Chewy Buns right away since they were readily available to fill our hungry tummies!
The Chewy Buns
The Chewy Buns can be heated before eating or eaten right away. Being so hungry, we didn't care anymore and just ate it as it is! It is crusty on the outside as shown in the photo above and very chewy. The bun is sweet with a hint of salty and buttery taste. The spaces inside the bun are filled with the salty and buttery flavor.
Inside the Chewy Bun
Since it was so good, my fiance and I can't help but order more! Within 10 minutes, I think we were able to finish 8 buns! We also tried it heated and it was a lot better because after chewing a bit, the bun just slowly melts in your mouth!

Aside from their very yummy and special Chewy Buns, they serve a variety of cuisine in their menu. I wasn't able to take the details of the full menu because of my hunger but I was able to take some parts which have caught my attention.


Deep Fried Chicken Wings are crispy outside with a very flavorful and juicy inside. You'll noticed some orange dots on the crispy part because of custard which has made this chicken flavorful. 
Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Garlic Mayo Dip
A closer look. Can you see the orange spots?
I also love their chicken's plate! It's fancy and makes food look more palatable which in turn makes one want to eat everything on it!!


Ready to get more hungry?

Hotel Line Spoon, Fork and Knife (classy!)
The Basil Pesto Pasta just smells so good as it made its way to our table. My fiance and I can't help but notice the generous portion of pesto. Orange Whisk uses bucatini which is quite interesting to eat. They are pasta which look like little straws that has a bit of sauce inside which makes each bite filled with pesto! 

The purple leaf on top is called micro amaranth which is edible and a wonderful pop of color that made the presentation of this dish beautiful.

The heart shaped little greens are micro arugula. Don't be fooled by these small heart shaped beauties! Even they're small, they're packed with flavor!

Basil Pesto Pasta
Beef Salpicao is Filipino-styled beef steak cooked in soy sauce and garlic. Orange Whisk uses beef tenderloin tips for this dish and it comes with rice. The serving of beef tenderloin is very generous. Even if I have already finished my rice, I still had so much beef tenderloin. Since it's the tenderloin part, the beef is very soft and melts in your mouth!
Beef Salpicao
US Steak Onglet is something to look forward to in this restaurant! True to its name, the steak is really imported from the US which can be distinguished by its texture and taste. It's soft, tender and infused with flavor! I also love the fact that that it's perfectly cook the way me and my fiance love it: Medium! Even without gravy, it's already so good on its own.

The mash potato side dish is also to die for! It's creamy with baby carrots and mushroom. The micro arugula adds an additional aromatic kick.
US Steak Onglet
Baby carrots and mushrooms sprinkled with micro arugula on top of a bed of creamy mashed potatoes.
Medium cooked US Steak sprinkled with micro amaranth.

This Buko (coconut) Lychee Sorbet can take the taste of meat away from your mouth and breathe! It's smooth and sweet that will tickle the palette with its lightness.
Buko Lychee Sorbet
Since this restaurant is also a patisserie, there were lots of other baked goodies to choose from as dessert! You may also buy and bring it home to eat later on!
I bought this and brought it home! My brother love how chewy and buttery the cookies are!
Caramel Egg Tarts
Red Velvet Cupcake (so lovely!)

As its name says, the motif of the place is orange with touches of white, black and gray.

Orange whisk themed light
There's a window to see the kitchen! That's Chef Isaiah Ortega preparing something good.
Chef Darbi de Jesus cooking in the hot kitchen.
A small LPG tank that's not flammable because... 
it's a Tip Box!

These 3 chefs are the ones who made our dining experience in Orange Whisk very comfortable and wonderful! We loved talking to them about how they've prepared each dish! They're very accommodating and friendly. Also, we learned that they have just opened the restaurant this month of June!

Chef Korinne Lirio with their famous Chewy Buns! The first of its kind buns in the Metro!
Chefs Korinne, Isaiah and Darbi are at your service to cook you a very sumptuous mouthwatering dish!
Orange Whisk Restaurant & Patisserie is located at 35-B Michael Rua St. Betterliving Subd., Paranaque 1711. It's open on Mondays, Wednesdays to Sundays from 10am-10pm. For reservations and take outs, call 501-6454.
With a sign like that, you sure will see the place!
If you passby the place, remember to try and bring home a box of their delicious Chewy Buns!
If you're looking for a gastronomic adventure, take the courage and drive to Orange Whisk! It's going to be wonderful and a worth it trip! My fiance and I got lost, went in and did not regret any of it! ;) If you noticed, we ordered a lot to fill up every little space of our hungry tummy and we sure glad we did!

For more information, visit and "Like" their Facebook page: Orange Whisk Restaurant and Patisserie.

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