Thursday, March 7, 2013

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One of the things I love about birthday is the cake! No matter how old a person becomes on his or her birthday, it's the cake that brings in all the fun and makes one feel really special. The cuter the cake is, the happier and more festive it feels.

A few weeks ago, an uncle of mine and a niece of mine celebrated their birthday together. Upon entering the event venue, I saw my cousin, Carlene Chuakaw, from afar setting up the cake table together with her dad. I can't help myself but take photos of the set up even if it's not yet done since the cakes are really beautiful!

See how colorful and cute the characters of this cake? The characters are made with chocolate! Inside the fondant is not styrofoam but two chiffon cakes with different flavors. How cool is that right? :)
My niece Gabrielli's cake
My uncle's cake on the other hand is red which is a Chinese birthday color. The gold ribbon spells a Chinese word which means longevity. See the pink buns all around? Those pink "linyong" buns are usually eaten during birthday for longevity and good luck of the birthday celebrant. The buns here are also made up of chocolate. Like the cake above, beneath that red fondant are two cake flavors!
My Uncle Gaby's cake
For the guests to have a sampler of the cakes, Carlene also created this small cupcakes with really nice decors. My favorite is the one with the pink ribbon which is in the middle part of the photo.
Cupcakes for the guests.

Celebrating your birthday or your love one's birthday soon? Contact Pink Rosette Cakes and Confections at 0942-800PINK(7465) or email then look for Carlene Chuakaw.

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