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Home Cooked Fast Food? Possible at Chef Bernard.Com!

Gone are the days when sumptuours snacks, lunch and dinners are cooked at home on a day to day basis and dining out is becoming more of a routine. It is because of this reality that two long time friends Randy Ortiz (Yes, he's THE RANDY ORTIZ, THE POPULAR fashion designer!) and Bernard Banares (a former professional model) came up with the decision to put up a restaurant simply called "Chef Bernard.Com" to address this growing need for a place where people can relax, enjoy and eat at anytime of the day that is fast, unique, affordable (their most expensive dish is only at P320!), delicious and home cooked style!
Ready to know what's on the menu and eat?
The menu
Chef Bernard is an Ilonggo who is a graduate at Le Cordon Bleu and a long time resident of Pasadena, California where a variety of good food can be found! During his stay in the US, he has created new dishes and desserts for various fine dining restaurants aside from making home made dishes to fellow Pinoys living in the US.

Randy Ortiz is also an Ilonggo and a very well known fashion designer but do you know that he is a degree holder of Hotel and Restaurant Management from DLSU-CSB? Which makes him a perfect business partner of Chef Bernard for this wonderful restaurant!
THE Randy Ortiz & Chef Bernard Banares (Photo by Studiyo)
Chef Bernard.Com is located at Unit A, Greenbelt Radisson 7, 106 Aguirre St. Legaspi Village, Makati City which is in the middle of offices and condos where busy professionals are always present. The location is just perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle but want a budget friendly, fast and freshly cooked meals that is home cooked. Think of it as a "sosyal carinderia" as per Chef Bernard!
Don't miss this sign when you pass by Aguirre St in Legaspi Village, Makati!
The TV introduces their specials for the season!
The white and red interiors spell clean and fun.
Paintings hanged on the wall were painted by THE Randy Ortiz himself!
The one in black is Chef Patrick who is making sure the guests are welcomed. :)
The fridge with various drinks to choose from! (Photo by Studiyo)
A spectacle of the place is their see-through kitchen which is part of their showcase. Also, this makes customers who are very particular with cleanliness to calm down because everything is being taken cared of!
The Kitchen! (Photo by Studiyo)
That's Chef Patrick again!
As you see, the interiors are very cozy. I love their modern chandelier and also their salt and pepper shakers which fits the interiors perfectly!
A closer look at the shakers! (Photo by Studiyo)
Now, get ready to salivate as I start presenting to you the food which we've partake! These dishes are going to be a part of Chef Bernard.Com's menu this Summer!
Tada! It's a feast! (Photo by Studiyo)
Pansit Molo is a very common household soup to warm up the hungry stomach before eating. It is composed of well seasoned lean pork wrapped in Chef Bernard.Com's homemade wonton wrapper simmered to perfection in their stock from scratch.
 Mich Bugante and Rhea Bue enjoys their Pansit Molo soup!

It's a natural blend of lemon grass, mint and simple sugar. A Filipino styled ice tea drink! It tasted like Halls honey lemon drops! Soothing to the throat yet refreshing!
Looks like a Mexican Mojito but it's non-alcoholic and good for the body.
This Lemon Grass Ice Tea is made out of all-natural local ingredients!
I know that you might be thinking, "So what's Filipino about this Vietnamese Spring Rolls if it's Vietnamese?" Am I right? Yes, it might look Vietnamese but it's actually filled with adobo flakes! Inside that rice paper wrapper is a combination of ingredients that can be also found locally like rice vermicelli, basil, mint and lettuce. There's a peanut hoi sin sauce dip to bring out the flavor of the adobo flakes! It's actually quite light that makes one want to eat more and yet, you won't feel guilty because it's full of veggies!
The bottom right chunk is imported quinoe from South Africa which can be put on top of the rolls.
This is the South African Quinoa that Chef Bernard brings here from the US just to match these rolls!
Do you see the adobo flakes?
What is Filipino food without rice? You just can't eat Filipino food without them!
It's boneless chicken stuffed with meat and vegetables baked to perfection served with its own dripping made into gravy with pickled squash and kamote puree.
Do you see the carrots and peas?
A closer look! Mouth-watering isn't it?
Look at that chicken! (Photo by Studiyo)
For those who are fasting this Lenten Season, this is a perfect way of having your kare-kare! It's a mix of sauteed seafood and vegetables with peanut sauce! Perfectly no meat (beef, pork or chicken that is)! The peanut sauce of this dish has the creaminess of peanut, the flavor of seafood and crab stick strings which is so good with rice!
The kare-kare has shrimps, squids, crab sticks, mussels and vegetables.
The sauce is as thick and flavorful as it looks! (Photo by Studiyo)
Rendered pork slowly cooked in shrimp paste served with grilled eggplant. According to Chef Bernard, the pork was fried in its own oil so you can see that there's no fat in the pork anymore. It's just strips filled in with flavorful sauce since it's simmered for 3 hours.
Perfect blend of chocolate and raspberry. A sweetened dessert with whipped cream as a base. The white top of the dessert actually tasted like raspberry cheesecake to me. The chocolate mousse underneath is not too bitter nor sweet.
It's really good!
A closer look at this yummy treat.
The different layers of the Chocolate Raspberry Mousse
After the sumptuous meal, it's actually alright to just hang out at the place bonding with friends and having a food laugh which makes the dining experience a whole lot better and enjoyable.
Group photo with the bloggers & other members of the media together with Randy Ortiz & Chef Bernard.
Mich and Rhea updating their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to spread the goodness of Chef Bernard.Com!
My fiance Johan on the phone.
Me & my take out bag. Notice it's in an environment friendly paper bag?
I'm loving this spot! (Photo by Studiyo)
Rhea taking photos at my favorite spot in the restaurant.
Overall, Chef Bernard.Com is all about a place that serves a fusion of Asian-Filipino cuisine with a healthy and modern twist, food to go and catering for select clientele. Pinoy traditional recipes are served a little bit different from the usual. So don't miss it when you're in Makati!
The big doors of Chef (Photo by Studiyo)
OOTD: Blue Knitted Cover Up: Lowrys Farm | Orange Tank Top: Uniqlo (Photo by Studiyo)
OOTD: Black Long Skirt: Kitterick | Shoes from Hong Kong (Photo by Studiyo)
If you're feeling hungry because of this blog, go now to Chef Bernard.Com! ;) (Photo by Studiyo)

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