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From America to Manila: Blo Blow Dry Bar is Now Open!

The world's largest blow dry bar chain, Blo Blow Dry Bar, has finally open its doors here in Manila, particularly at the Basement of Rockwell Powerplant Mall! Enjoy beautiful hair on your bad hair days for just 30-45mins of Blo. It's just perfect that they've opened before Valentine's for those girls who would like to look good on Valentine's day to drop by before going to their dates. Want to try "The Blo Concept: No Cuts, No Color. Just Wash, Blow, Go" and get top tresses that will bring out the beauty in you? Come take a tour of my visit on its opening day! :)

The place is filled up with pink and white colors, just like an extension of a girl's room! Think "Legally Blonde" with you getting yourself prettified by "bloer" (session stylist) while your mind is playing the song Perfect Day by Hoku: "It's the perfect day, Tomorrow's gonna come too soon. I could stay, forever as I am."
That's Rose, my blo-er. :)
The reception desk.
The stations. Yes, guys can go to Blo too and have beautiful hair!
The waiting area for the guys who do not want to be pampered. =P
THE COCKTAILSThey served salty and sweet finger foods which are perfect to munch while having your hair done. Aside from the serving size, the food also matched the theme of the place: pink, white and a bit of chocolates to bring more sweetness to the aura of Blo!
White French Macaroons, Chocolate Truffles with "blo hearts you" print, Red Velvet Cupcakes
Heart-shaped Chocolate Truffles, Pink Macaroons, White Macaroons
Pink lemonade and Rose wines
Did you notice there's 3 Audrey Hepburn's images around the place? As the icon of beauty and femininity, Audrey Hepburn seems to be a reminder of every girl stepping into Blo that you too can become like her just by having the right hair style like her famous coif!

The hair styles which I've feature on my previous blog are offered for only P500! They even have a "grad blo out" for those who would like to have their hair done for graduation or prom at the special price of P500! Custom dos are also accepted for a charge of P950. Take a peek at the other services they offer and the tools that they use to bring out a girl's beauty!
The Hair Menu aka "The Saver of Bad-Hair-Day! :P"
Noticed "blo bro" on the lower left side? Guys can pampered and have their hair done too!
Special packages for the regular customers! <3 br="">
Oh yes! You can have your own "Blo Party" with BFFs! How fun, right? ;)
The different types of iron.
The brushes
Hair clips

Another type of hair clips
Hair pins
More hair pins!
The contents of my blo-er's pockets.
Since I had my hair curled a few years ago, I wanted a new look so I've chosen this look. The clean polished look that spells girly, serious but feminine as inspired by Audrey Hepburn's posters around the place.
The service starts with getting your hair washed using Tridesign shampoo & conditioner.
Here I am having my hair washed! (Thanks to my handy & dependable Canon Ixus 980IS for this & other mirror shots!)
The scalp massage which is very relaxing!
Hair spray for hair protection according to my blo-er.
My hair being blow dried by 2 blo-ers: Hana (L) and Rose (R)! How luxurious can I get? Happily pampered at this moment, just look at my smile and their smiles! =D
They're sectioning my hair.
Rose seriously brushing my hair.
And it's done!
The Back View of my hair. Doesn't it look classy?
View of the right side.
View of the left side.
Since I was inspired by Audrey Hepburn for this look, does this look show my beauty and femininity?
OOTD: Blouse by EssenXa. Pants by Blusa.
The clean polished look that spells girly, serious but feminine accomplished by Blo with this hair style! Agree? :)
My fiance was waiting for me while I was having my hair done. As you can see on my photos above, I had a really wonderful time which made him very curious on being pampered by Blo so my blo-er, Hana, and I have persuaded him to try "Blo Bro" which is hair grooming for men who want to be pampered and to look good after. According to Hana, he is the first guy customer and the first guy who have bravely tried "Blo Bro!" Check out what happened below! ;)
My fiance having his hair washed.
The scalp massage
More scalp massage which he enjoyed (look at that shy smile!) and even his blo-er was enjoying the moment!
His hair being blow dried.
A little hair brushing...
Voila!!! And that's Blo Bro!

Do you know that Blo Rockwell is the very first Blo Blow Dry Bar that opened in Asia? To ensure the quality of the service, there were 2 stylists from America that was flew in to train the Filipino blo-ers which is a total of 16 blo-ers where 8 will be in Rockwell and the other 8 will be in the Serendra branch (which opened last Feb 10).

The 2 American stylists and me
One of Blo Philippines' owner: Howard Chua.
So what can you say about my first time at Blo? I definitely had a wonderful, luxurious and relaxing time! It was a transformation from my regular hairdo. I'm sure I'll be going back again to be pampered and to be transformed!
Blo button pins for guests
Thank you, Blo for these cool pink souvenirs!
Made in Candy candies that spells "I <3 blo="">
Kisses from Blo! <3>
Blo is now open in Rockwell and Serendra. For more details, check out their Facebook page "bloheartasia" or their Twitter @bloheartasia. I'm sure you'll enjoy their pampering services and say goodbye to bad hair days! ;)

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