Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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Dream Christmas Goodies

On my way to work, I saw that there are already some Christmas decors on the streets which reminded me of how soon Christmas is arriving. Since my work as a Digital Marketing Officer in ladies fashion requires me to check out the latest trends online, I can't help but see some pieces that I like so I have decided to save some of them up and put it down in this post as part of my Christmas wish list.

Enchanted Atelier Liliana Comb

I think this comb will add a touch of glam on my hair whenever I attend parties and formal gatherings even if I don't go to a hair stylist to style my hair. Don't you agree?

Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal Lace Bib Necklace
Shoshanna Lilleth Dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sparking Bow Bracelet
The bib necklace, dress and bow bracelet make a perfect match! I can imagine myself wearing this on a Christmas date night with my fiance at a posh restaurant with candlelight. I have actually seen a cheaper version of this bib necklace at Zara. I'm still thinking if I should get it.

Kelly Wearstler Twisted Brass Bracelet

Kenneth Jay Lane Spiral Earrings

Free People Contrast Denim Maxi Skirt
Twisted accessories paired with this boho-inspired twisted maxi skirt is just perfect for casual day out with friends on a Saturday afternoon whether in a mall or at a movie theater. The drama of the twists spell F-U-N and A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E!

 Shoshanna Bethany Dress

I love how this shiny glittery dress has the right balance of glitz to stand out at parties but not as attention grabbing as sequined dresses. Don't get me wrong. I like sequins but then too much of it seems like telling everyone to look at me which will definitely make me conscious with my movements and uncomfortable that people keep looking at me. Having the right balance of glitz can turn heads for just a short time. It's just that moment where people look at you and think that you look great in that dress then they go back to chit-chatting.

Zara Gold Embroidered Ankle Boots
For times when I'm too lazy to choose a fashionable piece of clothing to wear, just grabbing really beautiful shoes with heels already makes a difference. I'm not sure if this Gold Embroidered Ankle Boots from Zara is already in the Philippines. One thing I'm sure, it's going to look fab on any plain outfit!

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