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The Stories of Most Women (If Not All)

Today marks the first day of another great show that has hit Manila entitled, "Love, Loss and What I Wore" written by sisters Nora and Delia Ephron. Catch it in the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Tower, Makati City on its one-weekend-only show!

When I first heard about the show being introduced to me, I already felt that it was going to be worth watching with lines such as "Birkenstock or Heels?" "I have no clothes!" and I also heard that it's being compared to "The Vagina Monologues" without the vagina.

On the press preview yesterday, when I saw the red carpet on the floor going towards the entrance. I thought that it was such a classy introduction to the play. Being a girl, I feel like I must walk on the red carpet so with my Marks & Spencer head to toe outfit and so I did. It was such an amazing experience to walk on the red carpet especially when I really dressed up for the show to celebrate the joys of being a woman!

The red carpet. Photo by Jen Adams of

Walking in the theater, I noticed that the backdrop is made out of different cuts of dresses with the title of the show projected on the pile of cardboard dresses. Pretty neat idea! The creative guy who made this is Dennis Lagdameo, recent Gawad Buhay Awardee.

When the actresses in black walked to the stage and took their seats, the lights from the top highlighted each of them that made them look fabulous! Sought-after light designer John Batalla did a good job because the magical lights paired with the black outfits highlighted the faces of the actresses so that the audience can clearly see their facial expressions.

Jay Valencia-Glorioso as Gingy

The whole duration of the show was a mixture of different feelings of laughter, sadness and contentment from the different stories being told which every woman can relate to. What surprises me the most is the loud laughter of the men inside the theater! I can definitely relate to the love for Madonna and dancing like crazy to her songs since Madonna's the modern goddess of all women! The definition of black focused on how confusing the color can be for most women but anyhow, women love black!

The casts. Photo by Jeman B. Villanueva of

Young or old, straight or not, I believe the play is the stories of most women stitched together. Well, I say most and not all because there might be women who disagree or who might not admit to the reality of being a woman. The loud laughter of men during the preview definitly proves how they acknowledge the issues mentioned.

This Philippine run of "Love, Loss and What I Wore" is brought to you by CTE Productions, the same company that brought you "Defending the Caveman" last May. Casts includes theater luminary and current Associate Artistic Director of Repertory Philippines, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, veteran theater actress, writer, and emerging director Cathy Azanza-Dy, TV host, model, performer, and creative visionary Teresa Herrera, thespian and music industry sensation Bituin Escalante, and acclaimed classical vocalist, theater performer, and executive director for Music Artes Philippines, Jay Valencia-Glorioso. The show is directed by the same tandem behind the hit show "Defending The Caveman," Michael Williams and Cathy Azanza-Dy.

The casts and crew. Photo also by Jeman B. Villanueva.

I would like to salute Cathy for being such a good actress aside from her superb directing! Kudos also to Michael who did a fantastic job! I think it's Michael's touch that made this show funny for the men who I think also can relate to the issue. Lastly, I'm so happy to see Bituin Escalante again after 6 years! The last time I saw her was during the shoot of Dr. Doy del Mundo's film "Pepot Artista." I was a PA at that time. During the shoot of "Pepot Artista," I truly feel so fortunate to watch her sing and dance to rehearse by herself while waiting for the rain to stop. It was like I'm watching a concert. It was pure talent right in front of my eyes! Bituin is one of the most talented artists I've seen on or off camera and now, on or off stage so watch out for her different accents as her personality changes on stage!

"Love, Loss, and What I Wore" will run starting today July 14 until 17 at the RCBC Theater in Makati. Shows are at 8pm with Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3:30pm. Catch this very limited run before it's gone!

For tickets, visit or call 2150788. Ticket prizes are PhP 1,545.00 for Orchestra Center, PhP 1,236.00 for Orchestra Sides; PhP 1,030.00 for Loge and PhP 515.00 for Balcony.
*My camera ran out of batteries during the show and I was able to capture only 5 photos. Must remember to charge my battery next time. Special thanks to Jen and Jeman for the nice photos!*

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