Friday, September 3, 2010

# EDSA Shangri-La Hotel # launch

The Pantene Challenge

The new and better Pantene

Hosted by Issa Litton

Trusted by women and celebrities alike for decades, last August at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Pantene introduced a new improved range of products that help address tough hair issues, from split ends to hair fall and rough, tangled hair – all within 14 days.

Ana Kalaw, Andi Manzano and Cesca Litton

Piquing the country’s interest first as a mystery shampoo and conditioner, personalities like celebrities, radio hosts, prominent bloggers and tweeters, and curious women, were all intrigued at the promise of an amazing hair transformation in just 14 days.

Andi Eigenmann and Erich Gonzales

Each took up the challenge of personally making a 14-day commitment to hair transformation, using the new mystery regimen to address their hair issues. Through their blog entries, tweets, and updates in newspapers and radio, they charted their journey of transformation, letting us in on their thoughts about their experience with the mystery hair care brand.

Pantene also introduced its three ambassadors, Angel Aquino and Claudine Barretto, both of whom were part of Pantene’s most beautiful women in the past, and new ambassador Carla Abellana.

Angel Aquino

Claudine Baretto

Carla Abellana

With their "You Try, You Decide" slogan, I have decided to try it first before I write about the shampoo on my blog since I want to make sure that it really works. After the launched, I've started using their Hair Fall control shampoo and conditioner. So far, there are still strands of my hair on my brush but then there are changes with my hair. It's easier to brush it and it's straighter. I saw a friend who told me that my hair is nice and it seems I've gotten a hair cut or trimmed my hair but I didn't. I guess maybe it's the shampoo and conditioner. Because of the compliment, I'm thanking Pantene.

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